GM House Music Learning Journey


Our original idea

Working up the ideas

Our complete backing track You can use this to practice at home!

With the lyrics

Recording from 10th Feb

Our final recordings! Vote for the one you think we should enter in the competition



81 thoughts on “GM House Music Learning Journey”

  1. Its really good but,its the same though out the whole song maybe it should have a bit where it goes slightly slower or a instrument is taken out, to make it song a little different rather then repeating!!!

  2. And the piano is really loud and over powers the song a bit!!!!

  3. stephen mathes said:

    I think we need a electric guitar solo it would make it cool.

  4. Millie worcester said: I think that it could use more lyrics and the backing track could de quieter so that you can hear the singers.

  5. Miss there’s bad news… There is a podcast call serial which is very popular right now and their theme tune sounds A LOT like ours ): ): ):

  6. I think we should add a solo somewhere in the middle,either a guitar or piano one.

  7. I think the lyrics are a bit rippetitive and we need to add something to the instruments like a solo or something.

  8. Ben Foster said:

    We should add some rapping in at some point in the song

  9. I love it but the chairs are a bit loud on some and the drums are really loud over piano but apart from that Its ok x ;-]

  10. i think at the chorus we need to take out an instrument because the lyric and singing people were shouting the song so if we take out a instrument they don’t have to shout.

  11. the sing is ok, but I like what we did last week with harmonies it made it sound more professional and before it was more of a chant

  12. I think we could do a higher e on after the 8 e’s

  13. to link the chorus and the verse

  14. I like it apart from the fact that at the beginning there’s no tune so it sounds a bit boring. If we could add one then i think it would sound a lot better. If not then maybe we could add a rhythm or change the tone the rap is spoken in to make it sound more interesting.

  15. i think the intraments were a bit loud on the chorus because the singers sounded a bit like they were shouting so maybe we could take out an instrament!

  16. Charlotte Hawes said:

    I think we should make the drums and the chair drumming quitter because you can not 100% here the other instruments and the singers need too be more singing then shouting

  17. I think the tune goes on to much so we need to add something to change it in the middle like maybe adding harmonies or ‘oooo’s and ahhhhh’s’ !!!

  18. Jodi Neicho 😂 said:

    The start of the song is a tad messy so we could slowly go into it. Also we need the song to be a bit more catchy so we need some catchy lyrics. Anyone that’s wrighting them try to make it rhyme that helps! Also lyrics people try to do lyrics that mean something to you, or maybe something that has a story. Those type of songs are the ones that really grip me 😉😝💛

  19. demi panayi said:

    I thinks that we could maybe add harmonies or maybe we could do that thing where there are two groups and we start the song at different times to make it sound more interesting. Because the singers sing the song all at the same tone and it sounds a little bit boring.

  20. I think the song has really bean improved but I still think that the liyrics need to be improved a bit more but we are nearly there.😃

  21. I think that the song could have a solo singing part where one peron sings because i think that would make the song better.

  22. No offences but the lyrics are quite cheesy. However, sam’s rap worked extremely well. Also the ‘feeling has come, the time is right, to put my dreams in action throughout the night’ bit and the ‘ nothing’s gonna get in my wayyyy these dreams are here to stay’ also sounds quite painful to listen back to. We need to make some drastic changes!
    First of all, I think first of all we need some entirely new lyrics.
    Secondly, at the start we can just start with just the taico drums or the drum kit (Stephen, obviously) and have two people taking turns to sing some lines with a electric guitar in the back ground playing a nice bit of tab which fits with our original tune. Only when it is the chorus I think we should bring in all the other drums and the piano(s). Then after that we need some drumming from the drum kit (Stephen) and the waits while sam raps. Then back to a bit of singing from the two singers taking turns before entering the chorus once more and finishing. Thank you for reading my excruciatingly long testament.

    • Jodi Neicho 😂 said:

      I agree the lyrics are a bit cheesy but it’s too late to do new lyrics, I have added a few verses to try out on the next music lesson . I do think we were a bit loud with rapping but we will sort that out. I disagree about the drums I think the drums are too loud and a bit painful to listen too maybe if Stephen done a small tune on the drum it would work out better. It would be ok to do two singers but maybe two groups would be better. You need the lyrics to be heard just because your on a mic does not mean you can still be heard over the instruments especially drums!

      I would not add all drums and pianos at the same time it would be really loud for the audience to listen too maybe we could have one group playing then the next and the next and so on…

      I do like the fact about ending on the chorus it really ties the hole song together but i would prefer ending on the first verse I’ve heard many songs that do this and it just creates a nice ending . I don’t know if you would agree.

      The rap did go well but to me the problem with raps are you haven’t a clue what they are saying most of the time. I know it’s a rap but maybe Sam could slow it down a tad just to understand the words.

      The lyrics are an important part of a song, it is what the whole entire song is about if we change them now it could mess up the whole thing, it’s already took us a long time to get what we have got and with only one lesson left I can’t see it possible to make all of these changes, unless we work on the lyrics in form time and possibly at breaks and lunches that is our only option, if everyone agrees we could do that,

      • Thank you very much for answering my comment, Jodi. However, the lyrics we have seriously do need to be changed except from the ‘I found my dream’ bit. The problem with our lyrics is that they don’t rhyme, don’t fit the Rythm, and are not catchy at all 😁 PLEASE CAN SOMEONE CREATE SOME PLAUSABLE AND CATCHY LYRICS WHICH FIT WITH THE CHORUS!!!!! BE BRAVE!

      • You do it Joe?

      • Jodi Neicho said:

        ill try to do some catchy lyrics it would be nice to have a song thats got a lot of lyrics that rhyme. ILL DO MY BEST!!!! I WILL BE BRAVE :0 🙂

        sent from my laptop!!!

  23. Connie Parker said:

    Really good but could have some variation in the volume and tone! Also the singers need to know exactly what there doing and when!

  24. Charlotte Hawes said:

    I agree with Millie. I think the solo should be the first verse first time through and then we carry on as usual

  25. I think that we should tidy up the acapela part with the aah’s by making it louder.If that doesn’t work than i think we shouldn’t have that part but something else there instead.

  26. I think we should do a different rhythm to the chorus

  27. I think during the guitar solo there should just be one drum but playing quietly. I also think that the drum part at the beginning should be cut shorter. To make it perfect the singers should be a bit louder, because you can’t really hear them at the beginning.

  28. on the first verse i couldn’t really hear the singing so i think we could practice the verses more so were more confident.

  29. The drums are very loud and when the pianos come in it sounds a little bit jumbled up. At the acappella stage the singers didn’t really know what to do or the words to sing and they need to be more confident and practice more.

  30. With the singing they need to be a bit louder and for most of it I only heard one Person singing. The rapping was good but the pianos didn’t know when to stop and start. The beat boxing went well the rapping but Sam need to be a bit louder and more clear. With the electric guitar it is a bit loud so I think we need to make a bit more quite but it sounded good.

  31. The tracks are really good and we have worked very hard on them the song works well although we should work on seeing witch instroments should be louder and witch should be quieter. like the drums I thing the drums should be in the background and the guitars should be louder than the drums.

  32. I think what we should play a softer as it sounds a bit like a clutter and I loved it how last week one by one we joined in.

  33. I think we should liven up the chorus and versecheaper because it is a bit boring at the moment.

  34. demi panayi said:

    i think that we need to think about our timing and where to rap and when to do the accapella we also need to think about the tone and loudness of our voices

  35. on the final recordings take 2 at about 3 minutes in it sounds like someone says “wha'” out of the blue.

  36. The singing need a little bit more Working on and it sounds like there not enjoying it that much.we also need to turn the pianos down and the other instermants because i can’t reall hear the singers and it sounds like there shouting.

  37. Our song is like: MONOTONE MONOTONE MONOTONE MONOTONE. If people just listened to our song until they were 80 then listened to GO’s song, they would so say: “why is this song constantly switching notes? It’s amazing! Let’s spend all our money on buying all of the albums!”. Put some more effort in singers when the final comes!

  38. stephen mathes said:

    is this where we put our prep due 31st March?

  39. ella :-] said:

    We used to start off quite flat and each week we built up and improved. by the end of the journey we had a great result so we needed all of the practise :-]

  40. I think we have improved massively from our first song which was a lot af nice but loud noises to this awesome song we pro formed in the finals of house music. So I only have one thing to say and that is well done GM😃

  41. Of nice noises SOS

  42. to be perfectly honest, the best performence (in my eyes) was the second recording.

  43. stephen mathes said:

    We improved so much but still there is always room for improvement but it was good

  44. We did well and is was a great outcome,well done😊

  45. I think we came very far but yes we could of improved the lyrics more.We could of done another verse but the outcome was very good.

  46. Jodi Neicho 😂 said:

    We have done good , but our timings let us down massively we needed a lot more practise and a few more verses also we needed the lead singers but they couldn’t make it to the final

  47. Our song improved a lot but i agréé with jodi i think we needed a verse 2 and Also we needed to work on timing a bit more 😜

  48. If you compare the beginning track to our final result, you can definitely say that we have improved massively and we came out with an outstanding outcome! 🙂

  49. I have thought about all our songs and have come to a conclusion that all the songs have great aspects but we need to make shaw that the sinning fits with the our own songs because i don think it fits!

  50. At the start we were all out of time and not all the notes were right We also didn’t have lyrics right at the start. But near the end we were all in time, We had lyrics that were in time and all the instruments were in time.

  51. Connie Parker said:

    The drumming was to loud and the piano was to quite!!! but good anyway!

  52. demi panayi ~~ said:

    i think we done well but we could of worked more as a team to complete the song and spend more time on it as we used the same verse, i also liked the solos when micheal on the piano and ewan on the guitar it added a nice touch seeing as not much other groups did that

  53. Charlotte said:

    I really like our song and we as a class has improved massively 🙂

  54. I agree with charlotte we have improved a lot

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