GO Vocal project Page

42 thoughts on “GO Vocal project Page”

  1. i think that group one was really good you could hear the drums really well

  2. i think group one was amazing because i could hear all the different instruments and the drums were really clear

  3. I think that Group 1 were very confident in singing but I think that they should have started earlier so that they could have had more than 1 song.

  4. I really liked group 3 because they had a really nice, improved guitar part and the singing was all in tune and in time.

  5. Go group 4: The singing fitted well with the backing track however maybe if they were more confident it would sound more lively.

  6. I think group 4 needed better timing but they were better in the last to songs though at there timing

  7. James Adams said:

    Group 2 because they were in time with each other and they were confident

  8. Callum Burr said:

    i liked group 5 because they had a good beat and instead of leaving a gap between songs the beat boxed also they were louder than the backing track so they were exceptionally well.

  9. i like group 3 because you can understand what they are singing and they are singing at the same time as eachother.

  10. Jennifer Ackland said:

    I think group two was good because they had a good amount of songs and good backing track but you could clearly hear the confident people and still hear the people that a were not that confident and they all really sold out so I think they should all be in the same confident zone and at the small volume so it sounds like they are a nice sounding group.

  11. i think group 7 were really good because they used songs that no-one else used and they were the only one that used ucalieis (sorrry if that was spelt wrong but i don’t know how to say to spell it ). and everything was very clear .

  12. I think my group (group 6) should have been a bit louder and confident.

  13. I think the final group were really good because their was only two of them so I thought they were very confident an very good at timing!

  14. Ryan nash 7go
    i like group 4s how the piano changed the notes but they could have fitted in the vocals in better.


  16. I liked group 4’s choices of song and they kept in time really well, they could have been a bit more confident with their singing.

  17. i think group 3 were really good they had areally good backing track it would have been better if they had started earlier

  18. The drum beat in group 1 was very clear but if they started singing earlier they could of got more singing in.

  19. I think group 5 were good because they kept in time but they could have started earlier and they were too quiet.

  20. robert doyle said:

    group one were good but thay did not start early but if they did they could have fit one more song in

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