FS Blues

The task:

Listen back. Give one piece of feedback to a group of your choice. REMEMBER previous guidance on how to write about music.

45 thoughts on “FS Blues”

  1. Owen hurley said:

    The computer i was on wouldn’t allow me to listen to any of the videos. However, when I was in class I heard that the group with jess was good because it had a steady rythem to it also a good bass that was steady as well as the rythem

  2. I like the singing in group 4 however I filiund the lyrics a bit repetitive but I liked the tone in her vioce( I think it was Brooke’s ) however I think they could improve the lyrics by looking in a theasarus or in a website like rhyme zone 😉

  3. Caitlin-elizabeth-grace-stanbrook said:

    I think group 2 was really good because, of the way they didn’t need to count them selves in or they might of done it really quite so no one cold really here them also what was good about group 2 was they were all in time to every one in the group and they didn’t need to keep stoping if they made any mistakes in the recording and they didn’t keep talking when they were recoding so all together they were fab.

  4. I liked the ending of group 5’s as it really concluded the piece. To improve they could have a few more people singing,

  5. Owen hurley said:

    The computer I was on wouldn’t allow me to listen to any of the videos. However, when I was in class I heard that the group with Jess was good because it had a steady rhythm to it also they had a steady bass to it. Even though the bass was good the drums could of been louder. Another thing that good be improved is have maybe some singing.

  6. Ved Prakash said:

    I liked the tempo of group 2 as they increased and decreased it at one point. To improve, they could avoid delays at certain places.

  7. Jake Hickton said:

    i really like the ending of group 5 because of it portrays the feeling of the whole song and iut is played as iuf you are expecting a clap at the end , also i really liked the lyrics in group 5 because they sort of matched the tempo.

  8. Group 5: The piano melody was catchy (Harvey) , and the whole track was very inventive.
    The vocals were in tune, and vocalists (Jacob/Owen) were very confident, which was good.
    Also, the tempo was maintained throughout.

  9. I like Group five’s because it all fitted together the singing and the music. I think they could improved it by having some more instruments.

  10. I like group 5s because of there use of vocal tone. Which really made the piece more blusy. I think that group 3s could be improved by getting everyone In time with the drums.

  11. max chambers said:

    in group 3 I think it could have been improved by turning down the drum because it was over powering especially at the beginning. also I think they were a bit out of time with each other

  12. I liked group 1 because they had a good beat. Also the piano and the xylophone worked really well together. Next time they could maybe add in some lyrics and make the drum beat a bit sturdier.

  13. I think that group three had a good piano structure but the drum volume was a bit overpowering. But otherwise it was good.

  14. I think that group 5 was good but the singers should of stay loud through out the hole song as they were getting quiet as the song went on. I still like the singing though

  15. Group 1:Group 1had a well orgernisd performers but one of the instrument sounded off key and too quiet .

  16. guillaume said:

    I liked group 5 because they had constant improvisation and very good singers. One way they could improve on their song is to make the drum louder for more effect and to help keep the rhythm for the improvisors

  17. Hi Miss, for some reason the sound files will not come up on my computer, they just come up as grey with the soundcloud logo in the middle and i cannot click on them. do you know why?

  18. Group 1 played a little out of time with each other to help this they could have maybe rehearsed more however I did like the solo ending

  19. I think group 2 did a good job with the rhythm because it kept the same beat until they changed it witch I think sounded great 🙂

  20. I cant listen to the music but I remember from class that Tom and Antonys group had a lot of instruments going at once to create a good texture and they kept in time very well.

  21. I like the vocal tone in group 5’s proformace the lyrics where also quit good

  22. I think that group 2 had a good rhythm because the best stayed the same.

  23. Nikola mihajlov said:

    The device I was on didn’t let me listen to the tracks but in lesson, I did hear some Good vocals and rhythm from the sining group.

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