EK Compositions Page

Here are our snapshot recordings from 15th October.

Next recordings from November 5th

And recordings from November 12th


11 thoughts on “EK Compositions Page”

  1. Mrs G I can’t find nov 5 vid but remember seeing it in cover class so I’d like to know how long it took him to make the piece

  2. i think that for the one we created from just one lesson was good but all we need to do is add lyrics. I also think that if the guitar was a baseline it would have sounded so much better.

  3. I think that the piece Lia, Bronwyn and I worked on was very good but we need to add more lyrics so that we can improve the piece a bit more:)

  4. I think that Toby’s group was good; but they need to add some lyrics to it.

  5. Zach Warren :p said:

    I think that Jake’s group had good chords and had a good range of instruments but they started to go out of time at the end.

  6. I think all groups were great most of them need to add lyrics

  7. I think that the piece me ,Andrea and Bronwyn did was really good because the chords on the piano and xylophone worked really well together we just need to add some lyrics. Also we need to change the chords slightly when it comes to the chorus but overall I think it was a great starting piece we just need to finish it and it will be great (I hope!).

  8. i think they need to add lyrics but the structure of all of them is good especially Toby’s group because Marco is keeping them all in time well

  9. Damien’s middle part was good but he needs to improve on the beginning of it and the lyrics need to be much louder

  10. I think my group have had improvements but me and James didn’t come in because Jamie kept losing the pace of the piece

  11. Toby’s group has individual introductions for each instrument which works really well, and they also had a constant beat. What they could improve is that sometimes the beat sped up and slowed down, so to keep a steady beat.

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