GM Vocal project page

45 thoughts on “GM Vocal project page”

  1. Ben Foster said:

    I liked how group 4 used a different song than the other groups

  2. ella sears said:

    Everyone’s songs were good but I liked final group one best because they had a good choice of songs and a good rhythm as well.
    by Ella GM

  3. Alex,I think group 6 were the best because they sang really strong and powerful I also think that it is clear and on the whole in tune.

  4. stephen mathes said:

    i liked group 6 because they were in time , in tune and were good at singing

  5. I liked that group 3 was short but the songs went well together

  6. I think group 6 is the best because they used different songs to the rest of us and their voices combine together nicely.

  7. I think that they are all good but i liked group 6 the most bcause the song was good when they made it fit into the rethem of the backing trackand.They chose a good choses of songs and they was good at singing them.

  8. i like group 7 because they where in time and had confedent singing

  9. I really liked group 6 because it was in tune and I like how they chose a different song choice. And they chose a slow song to go with an up beat backing track

  10. Lily Holden said:

    I really liked all the groups but my favorite group was the last group because they had a good choice of songs, were in time with each other and had a good rythem.

  11. I liked group 1 because their singing kept in time with the rhythm throughout the song. They also weren’t out of tune at all whilst they were singing. Finally I think that their keyboard notes were all correct and their were no mistakes!!!!

  12. I like group 6 because the chose of songs are different to everyone else’s songs.

  13. I liked the piano group the best because they kept in time and made no mistakes. I also liked how when they played, they played on two different octaves and it made it sound great, even though there weren’t any vocal parts included.

  14. I loved group 4 because of the way they all sung in tune together and I thought it worked well with the backing track as well!

  15. I like Group 6 because they included everything Evan the singing################

  16. i liked group 4 and 6 because they used different songs to every one else lots of people sang call me maybe and poparatzi

  17. I liked all of the groups but I think GM final group 1 were the best because they had a lot of people in it and it was very clear what they were singing but I think they need to leave a silence between the songs so that they have some time to breath.But all the groups did really well!

  18. tamsin lei said:

    I think group 3 because they had a different song choice and they were in tune

  19. Demi Panayi said:

    I like how the final group because they extended ‘don’t stop believing’ so that is would fit in better to the backing track

  20. I really liked group 4 and 6 but I don’t know why. I didn’t like group 3 much because the backing track and the singing was out of time so it was not as good as it could of being.

  21. I Liked Group 1 as they had a good backing track

  22. wow ground 4 your were great 🙂

  23. *group

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