FW Blues

The task:

Listen back. Give one piece of feedback to a group of your choice. REMEMBER previous guidance on how to write about music.


43 thoughts on “FW Blues”

  1. The Beasts- I really liked your one, I think that the way you put loads of different sounds together was really clever. Riley’s beat-boxing was good however to improve it I think you need to be a bit louder and be given more time to add more sounds and to give more effect. But overall really nice song- Well done

  2. I Really like the stop-times in group 3, and also the beat. I think it was well played and practised. To improve you could maybe not use the backing track because I think it took something away from your performance.

  3. I like this lyrics in group 4 as it really added to the performance To improve you could add some improvisation in

  4. I really liked group 2 because they are all in time and do good stop time. The beat of their blues music is also very good. To improve you could maybe add some lyrics to emphasise the blues style of the music.

  5. Ella Murray said:

    I love group 2! The beat is simple yet effective and the riff on the piano is very catchy and its stuck in my head. The stop times are placed very well within the performance and everyone was in time. To improve, I would suggest some harmonies or lyrics but overall very, very good!

  6. Number 2 is my favourite because it never goes out of time and the beat is simple but effective. The only thing they could have done was add lyrics!

  7. I think that group one accomplished a major factor of the reggae genre. They played their chords on the off beat!;) but I heard that the piano played sometime did not play the notes of the chords all together sometimes, so I think that could be worked on for that group to progress, and towards the middle the drummer was a smidge out of time but otherwise, very well done 🙂

  8. number 2 is my favourite as the piano rhythm got stuck in my head the day it was performed. an area for improvement could be the possible use of voice

  9. i like the lyrics in group 4 as it was a really creative and was the only group that had vocal cords in it.

  10. I really liked group twos piano riffs and drums. The beat was good and everyobe kept in time. it was catchy and fun. However, to improve they could add somelurics or make the Ipad louder as you only heard it in the stop time. but i really, really liked it!

  11. In the the beasts the piano came in at the wrong time and we needed stop times. Our performance worked well because everyone knew what to do.

  12. I liked performance 2 as the piano was catchy however they could of made the drum more louder

  13. I liked the Beasts because they had a variety of instruments like the drums and voice etc. They put all the sounds together well and it was very catchy. Riley’s beat boxing was good but it could have been a bit louder but overall it was really good.

  14. i loved performance 2 as everyone was in time but I could be improved by adding some lyrics however the beats were catchy it sounded really nice.

  15. I love Group 2. Their range of instruments are great and everyone is in time. The stop-time works really well and I love the piano riff. The tune is catchy and well played! The rhythum is stuck inside my head. To improve you could add some lyrics but overall it’s great and really nice to listen to!

  16. i really like group 2 because they were all in time with the beat and the rhythm was great i also like the tune of the piano because its very different and gets stuck in my head every time i listen to it . I think they would make the tune even better if they added lyrics apart from that it was lovely.

  17. My computer wont let me play the videos but im guessing that group 2 was good because they had a steady beat and evryone stayed in time with eachother and the backing track. (??)

  18. The videos work on my phone and I think that group 2 were the best because they had a steady beat and were all in time with eachother. The tune was very catchy and kept me interested.

  19. I think that group 1 needed to stay in time with the backing track and my group (the beasts) didn’t need the piano

  20. i liked the beasts the best because they sounded like they practiced more and knew what they where doingbut they didnt need the piano alot it walled have been better with just beatboxing and drum

  21. i liked group number 2 because they where sll in time and it kept me instresed all the way through

  22. i like group 2 since thay kepp the beat the same and it is very effect

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