FS Songwriting Page

Listen to your recording, leave a comment about what you think you need to do to improve your work next week


Final recordings

Rosie’s group have chosen to stick with the recording ‘Music Piece’ above

Guillame’s group final recording

Kirby-Ann Final Piece

Ved’s group final piece

Kyran’s Final Piece

Alliyah’s Final Piece

Caitlin and Annabel final


34 thoughts on “FS Songwriting Page”

  1. I thought ours was alright, although a few improvements could be made.
    First, it was in time, and Guillaume was good on his piano. So was Nik’s singing.
    I cant hear Max’s bass, or Harry. Also, I made a few mistakes with the drums, and dougall should know when to start singing. Everyone was good though, and it came together… Finally.

  2. I think ours has a good sound with great intunation but we just need to practice to improve our timing.

  3. Guillaume said:

    I think our song had a good base, beat and used a variety of chords. I think we could have made the lyrics into a rap as the signing was not great. We should also make sure evryone knows what to do and when by practising it a few more times.

  4. I think think our song is good and it’s pretty much finished! We just need to tighten up the timing and make sure every knows what they are doing. 🙂

  5. Our group needs to improve on our harmonies and our timing.
    Also I think we need to improve on our beginning and being silent.
    Apart from that I think we done well and unadorned good team work!

  6. I feel that we need to work on our timing and we need to get some wordsss 😊

  7. I think that our song was good, however we could add a few improvements for e.g we need to be more in time; also jacob could try and relax before he sings as it will make him sound less nervous

  8. max chambers said:

    I think it was just my headphones glitching out but all I could hear was the drums in our group. we need to think about how loud each instrument is. also I think we need to be clear on when each one of us starts and finishis

  9. Caitlin Stanbrook said:

    I need to sing up and not muble also I need to need sing with more confidence.

  10. done

  11. I could change the chords so they are not the same throughout the whole song

  12. To improve my piece, I would use the normal guitar, instead of the electric guitar because, there is a difference in the way they sound. The electric guitar has like pop style music and the normal guitar, has a normal but, rather pleasant sound. Another important thing is that, our levels weren’t quite right. Dougall’s beat box was too high and the instruments could not be heard and the sound of my guitar was too low. Due to the fact that it is the main instrument, the whole song has been messed up. But overall, I really liked our work and all the challenges we have faced.

  13. I have listened back .

  14. Guillaume said:

    I have listened back

  15. Dougall Wise said:

    I like our final performance as we did not make any mistake in it and we had great tuning and timing in all of it.

  16. Hi Miss, it wont let me listen to the recordings because it just comes up with the soundcloud logo. Do you know any ways i will be able to?

  17. Gizmoafterdark said:

    I thought that Max’s group was good because, of the base line and of the beat i liked the bat because it was up beat also, everyone was in time with all of the instruments.

  18. We have already Left comments on these videos. Are we doing the same again miss.

  19. I’ve listened Back though.

  20. I think that our group could work on our timing and maybe and in some harmonies. Also we don’t have a very clear begging middle and end.

  21. i feel that we need to improve on our timing and keeping the sound the same as some of it was different levels of sound

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