FO Songwriting page

Final recording

10 thoughts on “FO Songwriting page”

  1. I think my group was good but we could have tried new instruments as all we used was a piano and 2 bases.

  2. They were all really good because the lyrics fitted into the music really well.

  3. i think ours (Izzie) was good but we need to come up with some more lyrics and some of it sounded a bit off and out of time so we need to work on that .

  4. I think our intro was quite good but the speaker didn’t work so our lyrics weren’t in the song like it was originally supposed to be. Other than that, we could have worked on our timing alot more

  5. mine was terrible because there were very few instruments

  6. I think ours (Funso) was alright but we didn’t know what we were doing at the beginning and the microphone wasn’t working

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