FW Songwriting Page

Listen to your song and post a comment about how you will improve it next week.

Final recordings


42 thoughts on “FW Songwriting Page”

  1. Jack Mowll said:

    I think maybe to improve my group (Harrison, max,Danny, keir and me) the whole group apart from max should try and somehow make their instrument louder for I could only hear max and me however the sound from the bass guitar was really low, Harrison, keir and Danny need to be much more louder and I need to turn up the volume for my bass guitar. Apart from that, max was very good and didn’t mess up.

    • Yes, let’s set the balance on the hub properly then do the recording. >

    • maddie290 said:

      i think mine and josie’s group did quite well last week i think we just need
      to improve the meldoy part of group part of that very much how the music
      when suddenly high then very deep low but very well done to everyone in
      our group!

  2. Jack Mowll said:

    Ps:Well done guys :)πŸŽΆπŸ˜€πŸŽΆ

  3. i think on my one we could of done something at the end because there is like 15 seconds to go until the end.

  4. I think to improve we need to turn the drums up alot more as we can hardly hear them .As well as maybe try to cut it down a bit more. We could do this by maybe not repeating things as much.

  5. In my group (Jess and me) we need to (which we have already discussed) change a couple of verses, their tunes, so it sounds a bit different and not so similar to the other ones. However I really liked it. P.s. Well done Jess!

  6. Ella Murray said:

    Erin and I didn’t have ours recorded. However, I think over the week and in next weeks lesson, we need to work on lyrics and getting the riff right. We also need to find a quiet place within the school as we kept getting interupted by peopkle from other groups.

  7. Our group’s song isn’t up here, but I think we need to work on timing, as sometimes the singing is out of time with the piano. I think we need to also change some of the verses tunes, so the verses don’t sound so similar to eachother.

  8. Our group could improve our song by changing the lyrics’ pitch because it’s a bit all over the place, and also hear the drums abit more because you can’t really hear them much!

  9. I loved how upbeat isi’s group was and it made me feel really happy! Both isi’s and aileen’s groups’ lyrics were very meaningful and thought about. I liked the catchy rhythm of max’s groups video.

  10. I think we need to work a bit harder on learning the tunes and then turn up the drums beacause Josie’s bit is really good and you can’t even heard it

  11. After listening to our song on my phone, I beielve that we need to change the piano tune a bit and change the harmoney at then end.

  12. I think that our group should try and work on the timing a little bit more. Also I think Josie’s drums should be turned up more because you can hardly hear them.

  13. i think my drum fills need a bit of work…….. our group sounded good but the long silent bit at the end is bad. i think we need some lyrics as well

  14. Jessica French said:

    I think in Ollie’s group if they had added lyrics it would have been more interesting. But I love the backing track.

  15. I liked in Ollie’s group how the pianos and drums matched and how the guitar had its own tune on top of them .

  16. To improve, Jakes’, Ollies’ and Harrisons’ groups need to add some lyrics. It will fill out the piece and have more musical content involved.

  17. I liked the lyrics in Jess’s and Aileen’s group as you can tell that they have put in a lot of effort and the instruments in the background work well with it.

  18. Isabella said:

    I think to improve in Aileen’s one, they could add some more instruments that would give the song a bass, but otherwsie (to everyone) well done, I think they sound really good πŸ™‚

  19. Isabella said:

    I think that people that didn’t have lyrics could use that to improve their song, and that the same goes for Ella and Erin, linking back to what I said about Aileen’s piece

  20. I really like Isi’s group because the keyboard in the background matches really well with the drums and the bit at the start sounded really good. An improvement would be to sing louder because the lyrics sound really good and I would like to be able to hear them more.

  21. In Isi’s song I loved the piano because it was really strong, catchy, a really nice tune and it fitted really well with the drums. However I think to help and improve it I think they could make the piano slightly quieter or the singing louder because at points you miss words when it goes too quiet. Otherwise there’s and others were really good! Well Done πŸ˜‰

  22. Jasmine W said:

    I think that Josie’s group song was really good. It was up beat and had good vocals. But everyone else’s were really good as well. PS my groups song isn’t on there.

  23. Erin Jones said:

    I really love Isi’s group because the lyrics are so catchy and they stuck in my mind. I ended up listening to their song about 5 times because it was so well put together. The piano and drums go well and a backing for the singing. The only think I would say which others have also said is tone down the keyboard slightly or make the vocals louder so that you can really appreciate your lovely voices!! Well don’t girls and all the other groups too πŸ‘

  24. max smart said:

    on ours you can only hear my drum, we need to turn up all the other intruments

  25. Ella Murray said:

    Isi’s group is AMAZINGGGGG! I really loved the lyrics and all, the effort they had put in was clearly shown as it was slick and everyone seemed to know what they were doing. I love the way they picked their instruments carefully because it created a really catchy and easy to remember backing track. I also loved the harmonies that they included. I have no improvements for this group. However in other groups (Olly’s for example), they need to add lyrics to create a more interesting composition. Everybody’so is brilliant πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  26. I like Ollie’s group because the piano has a very catchy tune to it ,and because the instruments were in time with each other.

  27. to make ours rs better we could of added lyrics and also it was planned as we didn’t kniw when to stop at the end so we messed up,so next time we need to know when to stop.

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