GO House Music Learning Journey

Our original idea

Pulling the ideas together

Adding Lyrics

Rehearsing the song

9th Feb, we took 2 recordings of the song which is very nearly finished! Leave your comments below as it’s the last chance before we do the final recording!

Vote for which performance you think we should put in-1, 2 or 3. Comment to say why you have chosen.



71 thoughts on “GO House Music Learning Journey”

  1. charlotte said:

    is sounds really good and the drum beet is good

  2. Mattie Jolly said:

    i think we could improve our piece by having a bit where we make the keyboards and drum quieter then maybe the singers um for a bit or we could have a instrumental than builds up the tempo even more. i think it was all really good though

  3. i think the singing could be a bit more louder and i also think the drum beat is good

  4. it sounds great just the singing needs to be louder and make it sound like there is 12 singers rather than 4

  5. I think it sounds really good, i also think the bass’s are really clear. I think we need to work on keeping the pace/rhythm.

  6. we need the singers louder because it sounds like there are only 2.

  7. i really like it the bass is good but we need to work on the rythem and i think the singers need to be louder

  8. i think we need to turn all the instruments down sa bit so then we can here all the singing because at the moment it sounds like just music and you can hardly hear the singers at all

  9. Sophie Blanch said:

    I think we should add extra harmonies in the bridge

  10. ELIZABETH said:

    I think the beat and the bass is really good it is good as it adds great effect to the pecie next lesson we need to work on are timing and lauder singers .

  11. The singing is good but all the voices need to the same volume and note because you were all singing differently. Also I really liked the ‘pulling ideas together’ track because the drum beat wasn’t too loud and the keyboards were loud enough. I say this because the drums are a tad too loud and it just takes over the song instead of leading the song.

  12. I really like our song, it has an interesting variation of notes which adds a different feature. However I think the drum beat is too loud, it kind of splits the song up instead of keeping it steadily moving. I think there are slightly too many drummers.

  13. James Adams said:

    The Bass was good. we could turn the singers mics up so we can hear them better

  14. It’s really good but for the bridge I think we should have some chords on the piano and then the singers humming harmonies ?

  15. Ryan Go
    you can hardly hear the singers and the start was a bit off beat.

  16. i think its really good but the singers need to keep in time with eachother and also be louder so you can hear all the singers.

  17. I think next week we need to practice again and again to make it perfect and then decide on the positions were going to stand/sit in!

  18. I think the dream beat is good because it gives us a steady beat

  19. i think we should have something in the beginning when the instruments are playing before the singing and i meant drum not dream.

  20. Charlotte said:

    i think that the drum beat is holding the instruments together.
    and the singers need to sing louder because of the instruments are drowning the singers out

  21. I think its really good but we need the instruments quieter not the singers louder because we were quite loud but the instrumens drowned us out also at the beggining Tom kept speeding up the drums and it was hard the bass to keep in time

  22. I think the singers need to either be louder or the instruments to be quieter

  23. I think we should all be counting better because at the beginning it got faster and a bit out of time

  24. I think our song is really good, but we need to make it so that all the parts are evenly matched, maybe turning down the piano and turning up the basses.Also I think that we need to keep a steadier beat.

  25. Ryan

    The timing keeps coming out of time and every so often there was an odd beat to improve this we could try to keep a steady beat otherwise it just stays out of time.

  26. How do you vote?

  27. i think it was number three because the Tycho drumming was really good in the background and it was really clear.

  28. i think its really good how it was different each time.

  29. I think it changed quite considerably because at first we didn’t even have the same chords.

  30. Jennifer said:

    The journey was really fun to be able to go through the stages of making a song even though we came across some obstacles but it was an amazing finished project.

  31. We changed so much from the start to the Finish

  32. At the beginning we had different chords to the ones we had at the end of our ‘journey’ and the lyrics were improved and new ones were added

  33. charlotte said:

    i have sisernd to it and we have come a long way!!!

  34. charlotte said:

    i mean listen not sisernd lol

  35. it sounds good

  36. I think our song was really good, shame we didn’t get throught to house music but i think every bit of our song is BRILLIANT.

  37. Ryan
    I think it is pretty amazing how we progressed over the year into capable song writers
    I love how each song has progress n it symbolising teamwork.

  38. It changed so much from the 1st to the last.

  39. Our song has changed so much since step 1 – it is so much more fun and exciting.

  40. To begin it was very simple but now it is much more complex

  41. i think we have progressed a lot since we started

  42. Emily Day said:

    I feel our progress on the song has come a long way our structure became better and out singing got more detailed and clear xx

  43. We were a bit rough at the start but now we have progressed so well

  44. Elizabeth said:

    I think our song improved throughout the stages of our song and got better as we went on .

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