EK Songs

We started the year by writing our own music as a way for Mrs Gower to find out where we are with our music. Here are the recordings. First, listen through and leave a comment below about what you have heard. Mrs G will then add in her comments and targets for each group!


8 thoughts on “EK Songs”

  1. I think we could sound better by having more stuff in our song, it is quite boring. we could have changed the chords at some point-Maddie

  2. Zach Warren :p said:

    For the second clip i think that they could improve the start as it was very repetitive and i think that they could have more than one instrument playing at once

  3. good but improve intro and add solos fill it out as it was quite repetative

  4. for the last clip it is very messy and the person playing the piano at the start sounds like they does not know what they are doing but towards the end it gets better apart from when they laugh

  5. Steven wong :P said:

    i could only tell what 1 song was and that was the third one but had no lyrics. the first one had lyrics but it was to quite. i couldn’t tell what the song was. the second one was very boring as it only had 2 different parts.

  6. i think that the second one was very repetitive and needed the start to have a slightly different tune. i also think that the people in the last group needed to be a bit more focused as one of them lost the beat.

  7. I liked the 3rd composition as they switched between different melodies throughout the piece whilst staying in the same key. I think that the 4th was also good except the piano chords were very repetitive.

  8. I think that a lot of them have to be a lot louder and get some lyrics in for some of them. But it was a good try although suggest for the second clip to have more instruments playing.

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