FO Blues

The task:

Listen back. Give one piece of feedback to a group of your choice. REMEMBER previous guidance on how to write about music.

32 thoughts on “FO Blues”

  1. My group, (group 1) overall performed well but i think it could be better if we had been given more time and we could of added more and make it more unique and dynamic.

  2. i think group 1 was really good because they used lots of instruments including base and their stop time was really clear and in time i think to improve they should try and keep more in time at the start as i could hear two pianos playing at the same time and just as they hit the keys one was a bit after the other.(around 0.05)

  3. Ella-Mae Hurrell said:

    I like group 1 because they used a range of instruments and its was really clear e.g there stoptime and to make it better they could of made the performance more unique

  4. my favorite was group one because it was preformed really well and the drum beat was clear

  5. i like group 2 but they need to improve on being in time with each other.

  6. I thought group 1 performed really well because of a wide range of instruments and they were all in time with each other and it sounded really good and the beat was really nice.

  7. aliciareed1 said:

    my favourite group was group one because they were all in time and there stop time just fitted with it

  8. group six needs to work on their timing.

  9. My group (group 1 👍) was in my idea the best as we had a good beat all the way through and we had solos that were good

  10. I think all the groups did all they could when performing. I think group 1 was the best because they had a clear beat and the drums were so good and they had a clear beat and every one else was really good as well but to improve they need to add lyrics. This will make it better because lyrics add a massive effect.

  11. I think that group one were the best because they all stayed in time and rythm and had a clear intro solos then a clean finish.

  12. i think that group 1 was the best as it had great timing and a nice clear beat.

  13. Group 1 was the best because of the drum beat and the clear swing of the rhythmn but I also think group 3 stood out because they included singing.

  14. I enjoyed all groups, but my favourite was group 5, because they made it unique by not all playing at the same time and were given times to play which I thought worked really well.

  15. my group (group 1) stayed in time well and the instruments worked very well together

  16. I think that group three performed well because they used more advanced techniques and still keep it together. They also had parts that had a different rhythm like when Isaac did his bit at the end and Josef did his part at the beginning

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