FS Passenger learning journey



On 20th Jan, we worked our ideas up into verse, intro, chorus and instrumental. Have a listen and comment below!

First vote for which intro you prefer!

Verse idea-iPads, pianos and drums

An idea from Ellen

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

And with vocals

Week 4

Week 5: Accompaniment

Week 5 vocals

Week 6 our final class performance!

Our final group recordings before we perform live next week!

Very well done everyone!

53 thoughts on “FS Passenger learning journey”

  1. Jake Hickton said:

    I think that i struggled to find an instrument that i was any good at but then i started to beetbox and now i think our group is good and organized at playing fast

    • I agree it sounds good faster. The singers just need to get up to speed with you. Watch your spelling of beat box!

    • Caitlin Stanbrook said:

      I think I need to sing a bit faster with my group so does Kirby but it also sounds good faster but I struggled to find a instrument to play then when I started to sing I new that was the right thing for me to do so that’s why I’m sing know in the group but I need to speed up quit a bit but the instruments keep going to fast and I need to sing a hole lot louder because, I cant here me and Kirby singing.

  2. Rose Jarrard said:

    I think that we improved ALOT!!!! Especially me on the drum kit because at first to be honest it was horrible. The singers were very good but the final piece was perfect to me I think overall we done a good job .

  3. Dear Mrs Gower,
    I have had fun during the passenger journey and are extremely happy with my band!
    I have learnt to play an instrument, learnt to work in a group and most importantly had fun! I think that Mrs Gower is a really good music teacher even though I would’ve preferred to learn more than one instrument!

  4. Annabel Macdonald said:

    I think that all groups are great although it did sound better when we all worked together

  5. Harry Watts said:

    Amazing loved every moment.

  6. Guillaume said:

    I think we have improved over the weeks and I am very proud of myself and every one else’s brilliant efforts.

  7. I think it sounds great. We have really improved since week 1.

  8. Mason Monaghan said:

    I think we have been progressing well the vocals aren’t that loud and we cant here Owens beat boxing. Also we sometimes lose beat. in the final piece there’s a lot of laughing.

  9. I think group 1,my group are doing very well in practice,especially when we do really well by getting timing right, the guitar is really good with the piano which is good our group are really proud of our performance.
    Your sincerely,
    Nikola Mihajlov FS

  10. Nathan Dougall Wise said:

    I think we improved from the first week and i think we are prepared for the performance next week.

  11. i think we have progressed trough out the weeks and our last practice together sounded better than what we first sounded like, i have really enjoyed practicing i dont think my group is taking it as well as they ought to but other then that i am enjoying it and i hope we do well in our live performance as i have heard other groups are working nicely together and sound great good luck to them, my group just need more time, practice and help.

  12. It is difficult to hear my beat boxing in the piece of music recorded – I think we could improve by asking the drummers to play slightly quieter so everyone can be heard.

  13. Rosie Boatwright said:

    I think everyone has got better now they’re in smaller groups.

  14. Hi Mrs Gower! Thank you for the amazing lessons I REALLY enjoyed them! I was amazed when I did music at MWS because it was so much more creative and advanced than primary school. I think everybody’s doing really well and our band’s doing great but i think i could improve on my singing!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. Courtney skinner said:

    Dear mrs gower,
    I enjoyed passenger I have learnt how to play the song and contribute with other people including the band and the form I think mrs gower is a fantastic music teacher and I look up to her xx

  16. Harvey Woodall said:

    I think we have definitely improved since the start. To be honest the first time we did it, it sounded horrible but if you listen to the final one its amazing and i am very proud of who our group has improved, but the drums didn’t work very well so i think we might need drums that work if we show it to the class apart from that it was amazing !

  17. Greetings from Canada everyone! Keep the comments coming, it will help me get over my jet lag! Mrs G

  18. Courtney skinner said:

    Ok how is canada πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Mrs Gower!
    I think it was definitely better towards the end especially when we were put into smaller groups. At the beginning it didn’t really sound like a piece of music, it only started to when we started working together. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ The bands are coming on and it has been soooo much fun! Thx πŸ™‚ Jess

  20. what kind of song are we doing for house music?

  21. Courtney skinner said:

    thats good glad your having fun! will you be in tomorrow????

  22. Hey Everyone.
    Since the first week, listening to our soundtrack has been absolutely horrific, until about week six, when the music really really really really improved because I think that everyone adapted to their instruments, or found and instrumaent that they could actually play properly!
    When I listened to the induvidual groups, I heard that some of the drummers (no names will be mentioned) were missing the drums!

    :-(=) #goofy
    :Β¬( #sad because of his crooked nose

  23. When I listened to the first one it was rubbish, but slowly we improved, by the final song we sounded great. My group are doing ok although maybe we should work a little bit more together and keep on practicing.

  24. Antony palmeri said:

    Great masive improvement

  25. i thought it was ok on the first try

  26. Courtney skinner said:

    Hi mrs gower I don’t get what we are ment to do for prep page 20

  27. Courtney skinner said:

    Ok thank you mrs gower πŸ™‚

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