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Our keyword for this term is REFINE. In music this is part of the process of preparing a piece of music for performance, we rehearse it and tweak it until it is completely ready to play.

****FINAL Recordings*****

Thanks to Savarah, Annabel, Alliyah and Rosie for coming at lunchtime to put the vocals in. Are we happy with this? Tell me at the bottom

we will be adding the lyrics to one of these tracks so please vote for your favourite. The final final recording will be up at 6pm on tuesday!

Version 1

Version 2

If still unavailable click HEREΒ to listen

Recording from Jan 24th

Any ideas created outside the lesson will be held HERE

Our song on 10th Jan

We have our rough ideas sorted now (from the lesson on 3rd Feb)




Beatbox idea

Ideas from our lesson on Jan 13th

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Idea 4

Idea 5

Listen to the winning songs from the last 2 years. Then listen to our recording from today. What do we need to do to compose a winning song?

Winner 2012

Mrs Gower’s favourite from 2013

Our recording from today

Happy Christmas! Have a great holiday πŸ™‚

House music lesson 1-6th Jan

We chose to write a mellow song. It has 4 beats in a bar and is based on the A minor chord. At the end of the lesson we moved from Am to G.

Groove 1-Am

Groove 2 Am-G

100 thoughts on “FS House music page”

  1. We did okey for our second go.
    By nik πŸ™‚ :). πŸ™‚

  2. we did well but i think we could of been loder.!!!!!!!;0 ; )

  3. it sound cool abd good

  4. Rosie Boatwright said:

    it was really good but all the singers could’ve been louder or have used a microphone.

  5. I think we did ok but we could’ve been a bit louder because you couldn’t hear the singers very well!!!

  6. it was OK couldn’t really hear the singing’s very much πŸ™‚

  7. Caitlin Stanbrook said:

    We were not that good because I didn’t hear the singers over all the people playing instruments.

  8. It was good but it needs to be tidied up; we need to make sure the audience can hear the singers without overwhelming the instruments.

  9. W need to build on our rhythm and timing and need to hear the singers after that we might have a chance to win.

  10. Usually, in the classroom, the music we play sounds a lot better, but when recorded it sounds weird.
    Anyway, towards the end of the song everything went out of tune, so to compose a winning song we need to keep it in tune, and the singers need to be louder because they were overwhelmed by the instruments, to make them louder they can use a mic, or hold the recording device nearer to them.


  11. It was a bit all over the place and i think with a bit more practise it could be a winning piece

  12. great work on it if we had more time we could of worked on timing a little

  13. I love DWs song ,as it’s all about frends.

  14. it was all jumbled up and confusing we need to neaten it up

  15. we need to keep practising to make it neat. We should add the mmy piano riff.

  16. i dont no its hard to choose i like most of them

  17. not that bad we need to keep in beat

  18. Caitlin Stanbrook said:

    well this week was better because we had most of the forms ideas by caitlin stanbrook fs

  19. Harvey Woodall said:

    I liked Tom and Nick’s idea but i think it could be better

  20. Harvey Woodall said:

    I just looked up and jess’ idea is there and i think that is awesome

  21. I thought that Jess’s and Rose’s idea was good as it is neat

  22. i liked jess and Rose’s idea! it was really good. Also i recorded an idea on your ipad πŸ™‚

  23. I liked roses idea of drumming to the beat in the background so I think we should use that

  24. I like Jess and rose idear it was very nice .

  25. I think Idea 5 was really good .

  26. I think that I need to learn the chords for the guitar, that was just made up as we went along. Anyway, Jess’ and Rose’s idea was good; it sounds like a song called in the end by linkin’ park… I like that…

  27. I like the idea

  28. nathan dougall wise said:

    great I like following one beat in time but a little out of tune.

  29. I like ideas

  30. Harvey Woodall said:

    I liked Owens beatboxing

  31. I like all the ideas, but my favourite is the verse, because it has a memorable tune, that is kept In tune, and also because of the drum beat. I enjoyed listening to the beatboxing, partly because of Owen’s line. Shufflin’ My Feet To the Olympic Beat… That could really catch on!

  32. We need to hear me and Jake beat boxing and me rapping and I like the verse same thing Tom said

  33. I like all of them I hope we keep up all of the good work

  34. i like all of the song but i definitley need to practice my piano part

  35. I think we just need to keep practising

  36. I like the owens beetboxing but i think we should use different words but where he says shuffling my feet is good!

  37. great work it can only get better

  38. It was rather confusing since we arent listening to eachother as we play and also blocked out the ssingers.

  39. the intro was good but the ipads needed to be more in time

  40. I like the Introduction it was a nice tune but the ipads need to be louder and more longer πŸ™‚

  41. Our introduction was very good with all the instruments,but I think we should have the singers join in to see if it fits with all the loud instruments. :]

  42. I like the latest recording it was really good however I still don’t really think the singing will fit.

  43. Kirby-Ann Wademan said:

    I think it sounds great but I think once we have added the song in and the beat boxing it will sound even greater.

  44. we were that good at all.

  45. I think that we need to add in the singers and the verse needs to be a bit more in time but we were really good!!!! πŸ™‚

  46. I think it was good for our second go and maybe need to work on a few things to make it even better!!!!!!!!!!!πŸŽ…

  47. It was alright… The bass wasn’t audible, the drums were slightly out of time, the introduction is too long and needs a bit of jazzing up, but overall, those little nit-picks don’t apply to the whole song, and Guillaume’s piano solo was awesome. Also, the chorus is catchy. I think we have a chance to win this!

  48. I heard were we messed up bit at 40 seconds and 50 seconds however everything is fine

  49. it was good and I like it

  50. I think we were really good although I think we lost the beat at the beginning, we soon got back on track.
    I think it souded great!

  51. We need to make sure we are staying in time and have consistent tune

  52. We need to be in time because through the song we lost beat

  53. I think the backing and instruments sounds amazing!!!! So good! I’ve kinda worked out where the lyrics should go but I’m a bit unsure! 😦

  54. this is really coming together we just need to practice more

  55. Rose Jarrard said:

    I think it was out of time and we all need to work on it but nice beat boxing Hurley

  56. This track is currently unavailable

  57. Thanks Mrs G, the clicky works.
    Anyway, our take two is a lot better than take one.
    I can hear the singers, but they’re still drowned out by the instruments, mainly the drums. Therefore, the lyrics are incredibly hard to make out (no offence singers, you’re great, but the instruments are too loud and the recording device isn’t the best quality either).
    The bass is still inaudible.
    Before the chorus, after the intro, everybody was being loud or silly, which we need to eliminate.
    We need a slightly more complex drum beat too, although I don’t think we could change it this far into the project, and would be hard to practice in only about 50 minutes.
    Also, the drum at the beginning was slightly out of time.
    Oh well, onto the nice stuff…
    I like the chorus, especially Guillaume’s piano solo at the start of it.
    The singers are in tune, which is a good thing, obviously, although I can’t hear the lyrics. (I can hear the first line though; It was a dark day.)
    Why did I hear someone going ,”That’s disgusting!” at the intro to the outro?


    • Some great comments there Tom, well done. We really need to sort out the balance on the recording and I have offered to hep the singers at lunchtime as well so we can get a bit of extra rehearsal in!

  58. i like it because it was in time

  59. When I heard the latest one again I could hear were we messed up it was between 46 and 50 seconds were a drum beat was added however it was not needed.

  60. I don’t know why but for some reason they all play apart from the one that says “latest recording” when i click it plays but there is no sound i checked my volume and it isn’t muted or down 😦

  61. Guillaume said:

    I think that we sorted out the timing for the first bit well

  62. We are getting much better with our timing but we need to hear the singers sing much louder.:)

  63. The timing is much better but we Ned to hear the singers sing louder much louder.:)

  64. We sorted out the timing but the singers really need to sing up (really).:):):)

  65. We were good and the singers need to sing louder so we can hear them

  66. we need to work on the lyrics but everything else was great I loved Mason, Owen and Harveys bit πŸ™‚

  67. Caitlin Elizabeth Grace Stanbrook said:

    This week’s was a hole lot better than last week’s because, we can hear the singers above the people who are on the instruments.

  68. its really good we just need to remember to stay in time. its also a bit busy when we get to the middle and it drowns out the singers so they might need microphones. other than that its great. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  69. nathan dougall wise said:

    well done, we could win it if we keep it up

  70. Vote 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

  71. I think the first one is the best to me

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