FS Find Your Voice

Show me what you know! Don’t forget to take your time over this and copy it into a text document first in case the website won’t accept your answers

Here are our first ‘snapshot’ recordings. Your job is to offer suggestions for these groups in the comments box at the bottom. Please read my feedback for each group and check back for what others have said so you know exactly what you need to do in the next lesson!

Group 1

Pitching of this is good-you have started on a note that fits with the piano part.

Be careful of the rhythm. Count along with the origninal song (there are 4 beats in each bar) and work out where each line starts in relation to the beats

Use less of the first song, perhaps just one verse and one chorus.

Recording 2

Group 2

Nicely sung and you started on the note each time.

Fit each one to the backing track, you might need to slow or speed up thetempo of your bit to fit it in

Recording 2

Group 3

I like how you have written your own lyrics and melody

Listen carefully to each line, does it have a clear pulse? If not you might need to tweak the words to fit

Keep the backing track on a few times so as you compose this, you can hear how it could fit with the chord pattern we are using.

Group 4

Listen to the original songs from your last 2 and count the beats, your songs have 4 beats per bar. Work out where each line starts so you know how long to wait

Recording 2

Group 5

Hasn’t uploaded yet
Recording 2

Add some harmonies, rehearse the section where you all sing together and organise a beginning and ending

Group 6

I like how you found an app to do this for you. I’m interested in how you are planning to use your voices to add to this next lesson.

Recording 2

66 thoughts on “FS Find Your Voice”

  1. group one need the singers to be in time

  2. Caitlin Stanbrook said:

    this is to group 1 you guys need the singers to be a lot more in time with the piano because, all i could here was the piano.

  3. maxmus chambers said:

    6 you need too think about what songs you are putting over the top

  4. Group 2 need to sing a bit slower i think i don’t really know the speed of the song though

  5. Ryanb11 said:

    Group 1 need to be in time and louder singing so we can hear you through out the song 😊

  6. It is good we need to spend in timet

  7. group 1 need to be in time

  8. Us group 1 need to be in time more with the singing and need to hear us beat-boxing. Also we need to be louder and know when to come in the right time to make it affective.

  9. I know it’s hard to find the right song but I would of liked to hear a bit more from group 6 because so far I think they have found a good song but just need to add singing then I think they will be a really great group.

  10. group 1 need tom be more in time and near the begging someone makes a really weird noise which I have no idea what it was !

  11. Great tuning and confident singing but the timing is wrong.

  12. Mainly, it was alright. I couldn’t hear any singing at all from group 6. I can’t say anything about 5 or 4. The tempo kept changing in group 3’s. The tempo in group 2’s needs to be slightly slower. In group 1’s, the piano was overpowering, and the timing was out. (No offence to anyone, this is just constructive criticism).

  13. group one needs to add more songs

  14. all groups are doing well however group 6 need more singing and group 1 need more songs

  15. Group one haven’t done a mash up but I think they should add in some more songs and maybe think if the speed of the song that they are singing fits in with the backing track.

  16. I’m sorry I’ve tried a few times and they won’t play

  17. Group 1is very good with Harry and Owen in it so we need to help everyone in the group

  18. Dougall Wise said:

    Group 1 is improving a lot but we should slow down a bit so it can fit with the rhythm we were told to suit our pieces with but overall great.

  19. Guillaume said:

    I think group one has to spend a little less time singing the first song as it is a bit long and it is not really a mash-up.
    This week though, they improved by using more song choises and a recorded baking track. I have a recording on my phone.

  20. Caitlin Elizabeth Grace Stanbrook said:

    Group two we need to slow down a bit because we are way to fast

  21. group 2 need to listen to the backing track a bit more and not drown it out with singing because I can’t even tell if what their singing goes with the backing track! Yeah so, listen to the beat to improve your timing a bit more but it is quite good at the moment.

    • Some good advice, do you think they need to amplify the backing track? Are you sure it wasn’t just where the recorder was that made the backing track sound quiet? Should this be looked at?

  22. Group 1’s isn’t a mash-up. It is all the same song, and at around two minutes in, everyone loses time, and just sings randomly.
    I can’t hear a backing track in group two, and their song is more of a mash-up.
    Number three as almost inaudible, and so is 6.

  23. group2 two slow down with the sinning to get in time with the song. maybe if that dosent work you might find it eaisers if just a few of you sing that song and the rest of yousing a different song

  24. personally i think that group one and group six were really quite so maybe they could have sang a bit louder and a bit clearer. Group one’s improvement could be that they need to think of some different and better songs to put in their mash-up because so far its just a bundle of songs put together and they haven’t made it fit very well.
    Groups five and six, were probably one of the best ones because I could hear them throughout the whole thing but their target could maybe be too keep in time a bit and listen to where they are going a bit wrong and a bit quite.
    But apart from that it was all really good.

  25. the piano dominates the sound in group 1 but if the singers were in time then you would be able to hear them more. So the group 1 singers need to work on timing

  26. ryanb11 said:

    group 1 singers could be louder and everyone could be in time with the piano. The piano was a bit loud so you could bin the recording away from the piano a bit and closer to the singers and other put in the group

    • Great point about the recording Ryan, well done. Next time we need to stand away from the piano to record. Do the singers need to do anything to be heard better over the piano?

  27. I think the singers in group 1 need to projected there voices a bit more and keep in time with the piano as this would help to hear them more clearly a also the singers in group 2 need to sing up a bit as I was struggling to hear them.

  28. Aaliyah said:

    Group one needs to be more in time with their music.

  29. I have tried on 4 laptops and I can’t play the recordings therefore I Can’t Comment

  30. group 1 need to add more songs to here remix

  31. The computer would not let me listen to any of the things however, I know we need be tighter with the singing and piano.

  32. JESS!!! said:

    Group 1 has really improved with their timing from last time, i think they should add maby 2 or 3 more song though. Group 2 sound nice together they just need to get the backing track in time with the singing. Group 4 sound really nice, better than they think! Maybe add another song or 2 sung together. I think we (group 5) need to practice gettin it all together a bit. Group 6 have a really nice idea of using an app, you could make the parts of the songs you use shorter so you are able to add more songs. Please tell me what app that is! 🙂

  33. group ‘s isn’t really a mash-up , I think to improve they too
    add more songs

  34. In my group i think we could improve ours bye maybe add another song but we all sing at the same time or we sing our parts all at the same but someone says 2 words then the next 1 starts then the next 1.

  35. annabel macdonald said:

    i think we did verry well we just need to be louder and we have writen more lyrics in kirby and mine

  36. Guillaume said:

    The piano in group 1 was less loud and more gentil which meant we could hear the singers a lot better. I know group 1 did not have enough time to record the whole of their mashup but I still think the first song is too long.Group 1 has worked really well on their timing and they added some really good beatboxing.

  37. Caitlin Elizabeth Grace Stanbrook said:

    Group 2 need to slow down on the sing because it is to fast and it is not fitting with the backing track we have recorded in the lesson so my group we need to keep in time with the backing track and singin at the right speed.

  38. I think my group (group 5) have improved and we have added more songs. I think we just need to add a few more harmonies, tidy up some of the sections and make sure that everyone knows what they’re doing. 🙂

  39. I think that group six have really improved with their timing but they still need to work on the structure of their piece also I think that my group(4) need to mix all of the songs together to make it an even better mash up.

  40. ryanb11 said:

    I think that the singers volume changed through out the song but overall I think it has improved a bit. to improve I think that we could of kept the volume of the singers the same so we can hear the words through out the song. (:

  41. aaliyah said:

    I think that group 1singing and music is a lot more in time and the background was a lot more clear then the last time so I think that group 1 one has improved.:-)

  42. group 1 is very good without me

  43. i think the singers are starting to improve and have better intonation and rhythm and i think we have improve quite alot.

  44. Singers are improving on the singing but just a tiny bit more will do.

  45. group 1 have not yet mashed anything up i think they need a bigger variety of songs to mash up. also near the end group 1 begun to go a little out of time. also group 6 were very quite.

  46. Kirby-Ann said:

    group one you need to be more in time and sing loudly as well, most of the song i can only hear the piano and you in the background it should be the other way round so sing up and be more in time

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