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Our keyword for this term is REFINE. In music this is part of the process of preparing a piece of music for performance, we rehearse it and tweak it until it is completely ready to play.


Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

If track unavailable click HEREΒ to listen

24th Jan

Any ideas created outside the lesson will be held HERE

Here is the song on Feb 10th

On Feb 3rd we put together our verse and chorus. Next week we need to add the iPads and introduction



On Jan 20th we put our ideas together to start to create a verse, chorus, introduction and instrumental section
Introduction idea-we need to work on the timing here

Verse idea-wow at the amazing singing here, well done girls!

Chorus idea-really good ensemble playing well done!

Our instrumental section will be played by the iPad orchestra led by Athan and Louie!

Ideas from the lesson on Jan 13th

Idea 2

Idea 3

Idea 4

Idea 5

Idea 6

Listen to the winning songs from the last 2 years. Then listen to our recording from today. What do we need to do to compose a winning song?

Winner 2012

Mrs Gower’s favourite from 2013

Our recording from today

Happy Christmas! Have a great holiday πŸ™‚

House music lesson 1-6th Jan

Leon gave us 2 riffs and we had a go at playing with these. We decided to write a happy song. Unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn’t quite get the timing right! Our piece has 4 beats in a bar. It is a steady tempo and is based on the chord of F

Leon’s Riff

Our Groove on F

182 thoughts on “FN House Music Page”

  1. Both the songs were creative and had a good beat. DW had a good choice of instruments and EK song had a brilliant beatbox line. Really good songs.🎀🎹

  2. both songs were extremely good ; we have a lot to do to make our performance just as good as these

  3. I thought that both songs were very good, but I couldn’t hear the singers very well. I liked the way that DW started off very quietly with the instruments then got louder. I also liked the way they included a small rap in it. In EK’s one I thought the beatbox line was very good and the instrumental solos also sounded good, but I thought that the introduction lasted too long.

  4. DW had great timing! The lyrics will come to mind after hearing this song every time your friend does something epic for you πŸ˜€ The vocals were a bit quiet. However, it may be that the instruments were a bit too loud.

    EK also had great timing and louder vocals! However the vocals sound a bit as if they were saying the lyrics. Epic beat box, clear an individual. The introduction might have been a bit too long, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    If you asked me to choose my favorite one, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I On one hand, DW were very creative, the piece sounded nice, but EK put a lot of work into theirs as well as DW. They both did very well!

  5. I also like the way EK had one or two instruments at the start and gradually built up the whole thing throughout the introduction πŸ™‚

  6. I thought that both songs sounded good. I liked way that EK built up to lots of instruments. I think that DW had good vocals but could have sung a little louder but overall i enjoyed them both.

  7. DW started of really well, although the vocals were a bit quiet. They started to slack a bit but soon realized their mistakes and corrected themselves. I also liked the fact that they faded it out, slowly dropping one instrument at a time.
    I liked how EK gradually brought each instrument in. Once the drums were in it sounded really good, although the introduction was a bit long. It was slightly messier than DW’s but the tune was good. The vocals were clearer and louder than DW’s but still a bit quiet.
    Also Mrs Gower, it is FN’s second try not, FS’s. To be honest, ours was completely HORRIBLE! (No offence to the rest of the class)

  8. The first two were extremely good.and will take a lot to be able to do as well as that but our one was a long way of the past two years

  9. Both songs were really good they all had different things that made them good. The first one Dw the vocals could have been a bit louder but both really good songs

  10. Both the songs were really good the vocals on DW’s could have been a bit louder but really good lyrics. I also liked how they included a rap. In EK’s the vocals were very good and they had a very good beatbox line.

  11. both songs were really good and dw had good vocals and Ek had a good beatbox line. EKs vocals were good and dw vocals could be louder.

  12. i think we needed to work on the rhythm aswell.

  13. I think both were very creative and well thought through. I also think that both DW+EK singers should be louder but we have a lot to work on to get ours as good as that and even better.

  14. Elizabeth said:

    They were both very good. The vocals a bit quite, the timing was also very good in the songs.

  15. they were both very good i think the vocals were a bit quite but it could just be that the instroments were to loud

  16. There are both great song and both have great lyrics to go with the beat line but the instruments were a bit to loud and you could always here the singers. Other all there were both amazing songs

  17. it liked them they both had a good beat and I enjoyed it so all in all they where good but in the first one it was very loud but then I became better

  18. Adam Williams said:

    I think both song are very good and so is ours but we still need to work on it so we could get it as good as them and maybe just a bit better. πŸ™‚

  19. Both songs were really good but ours needed a bit of work

  20. I liked the way that DW started off really quietly and got louder, the singers could be louder and clearer but they were both very good pieces. πŸ™‚ and πŸ˜€

  21. I just had another look at them both, I like what EK was attempting but it was quite messy. If it was cleaned up a bit it would be amazing!
    Exactly the same with DW. I don’t prefer one over the other as they are both better in different ways.

  22. Our one was good until about 0:56 when everyone joined in and it became quite a jumble. We sort of corrected ourselves though.

  23. Maggie’s and Wiktoria’s are amazing! I think theirs should be in the final piece.

  24. I also really like Zoe&Amy’s piece. If Maggie&Wiktoria’s piece could be combined with Zoe&Amy’s piece somehow, our final piece would be amazing.

  25. Thanks Jamie πŸ˜€ I think yours would be great as an introduction.

    For some reason Zoe And Amy’s piece won’t start when I hit play… It shows it lasts four seconds, and does nothing when I hit play, so I can’t really see what it’s like ):

  26. I think that everyone’s ideas are really good. I epically like Maggie and Wiktoria’s ideas. I hope that there’s will be in our final piece.

  27. Our groups piece hasn’t been uploaded yet and I think that it would be good to include bits of other groups recordings in our song everyones is good and if we out them all together the piece would sound really good.

  28. I liked ideas 3,4,5 because they sounded good

  29. Mine, Katie, Eloise and Zoe’s work that we did hasn’t been uploaded it either. You recorded on your phone but it isn’t on there

  30. I liked Maggie’s and Wiktoria’s and idea 3 they would go really well with Amy’s and Zoe’s for a chorus

  31. I think everyone’s ideas were good, but I thought that Maggie’s and Wiktoria’s and Amy’s and Zoe’s would work really well together. I also thought that idea 3 was really good and should be included in our final piece.

  32. Elizabeth said:

    I like all of them but I really like Maggie’s and Wiktoria’s one beacause it sounded really peaceful and calm

  33. I think all of them were good but i think Maggie’s and Wiktoria’s and Zoe and Amy would work really well together

  34. I like all the ideas but i think mine and Amy`s with Maggies works well, But everyone elses is really good as well.

  35. I like them all but I think that ours and Maggie may work well

  36. All of the ideas are amazing and very good. I think Maggie’s and Wiktoria’s idea is very upbeat and cool. Elizabeth’s group idea ( that was me playing piano) would work well together in our house music song.

  37. I liked Elizabeth’s groups idea, Maggie’s and Wiki’s and Louie’s first beat

  38. All ideas were good but I think Maggie’s group had a good part thing.

  39. they where all good but they need a main beat in the back round

  40. yol

  41. Both songs were good and we are going to need to improve our timing if we want to be as good as those two forms

  42. Our ideas were good but my group didnt manage to record ours

  43. DW sound good but everyone did well.

    • I think Jamie’s one sounded quite good. There needs to be a rhythm that can be repeated throughout the song. There could be a change in the rhythm in the middle.

  44. our ideas were very good

  45. if we wanto win tho we need to improve a backbeat or louies sing hic im very fond of

  46. They were really good! The chorus was a bit messy though. I really like the first verse too.

  47. The ideas that people made today were really improved from last week.The first verse had a good tone but we need to work on the lyrics because it was a bit messy toward the end. The chorus is good but maybe the drums could have more of a steady beat? 🎼🎹🎀🎸🎢

  48. All three are awesomely epic! πŸ˜€ The intro was like two separate pieces put together and a bit out of time, but when we figure out how to fit it all in together it’s going to be much better.
    The verse 1 idea recording is amazing! They could sing the first few words slowly at the end, since some great songs I know use this technique.
    The chorus was wonderful, but it would be an idea to try and quieten down some of the instruments in the final recording since at 0.05 it kind of all jumbles together.

    When everything is sorted out and put together, I’m sure our piece will be
    A /\/\ A Z I N G πŸ˜€

  49. I like my group as the fist verse and it will all tie in well. the chorus sounds good but the drums and other instruments are a bit loud and in some sections other power the singers therefor losing the words. It will sound great after we work on the beat and tempo the song will sound fab. My group has also started the second verse which will match great with the hole piece. The result will be OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!

    Thank Mrs Gower and FN this is going to sound excellent after a couple of practice.

  50. Danielle Thompsett said:

    I think that the chorus was really good but the instruments need to be a bit quieter and the singers louder. On the verse the lyrics are really good and so are the singers, it is a really catchy song which is good and people will remeber it as a good song.

  51. I like the chorus but the singers need to be a little louder and the instruments need to be a little quieter, the verse is good but we need to think of some different lyrics for the second verse and it is quite a catchy song so people will remember it so hopefully we’ll win the house music

  52. Elizabeth said:

    I really like me groups idea although the others where good as well. I agree that it would sound better with a different verse at the end. The drums in the chorus where a bit loud so to improve that make them a bit quieter. But they all sound amazing we have made so much progress from the first lesson!

  53. i really like the chorus and verse but i think in the chorus the singers should be a bit louder and turn down the instruments but overall its really good

  54. I really liked the beat of the chorus but the volume of the instruments and singers have to be a bit more balanced.

  55. I agree with zoe about the singers in the chorus. I think that other wise the chorus is really good. I also like the verse, I think that Grace is an amazing singer if she is a bit louder it would be even better.

  56. I thought that the first verse and the chorus were very good, but I agree with Amy and Zoe that the singers are a bit quiet and need to be louder. I also thought that the introduction needs quite a lot of work because its not in time at the moment. To make the verse even better they could try using a different lyrics at the end.

  57. i think that the singers need to be louder
    but i like it so far

  58. i think the singers were quite but it was very good and the introduction needs working because it is out of time a little

  59. i liked them all but i think ours need a bit of inprovement

  60. See next post

    • Sorry everyone but my keyboard broke. What I meant to say is this -I thought that there was a beat at first and then there wasn’t yet the music still carries on. So it is a bit like Louis’s first one.

  61. i thought it was good but we needed to slow down a bit and when all three are gong to be put together it will sound really good

  62. I think that the pieces are all very good but every one of them has a slight fault e.g. quiet singers, out of time. When we practice more and put them together it will sound Great! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  63. πŸ˜€

  64. Danielle Thompsett said:

    All of the pieces are good now we just need to find a way of linking them all together ina smoth way. Maybe beatboxing or just instruments.

  65. The ideas today were really good linking with Danielle’s point we just need to combine our ideas to make a brilliant piece. I agree with that we could use a beat boxing line or some additional instruments that could be beneficial to our piece.We need to refine our lyrics and the sound of things so it is a smooth running piece.
    Well done everyone! πŸ™‚

  66. I agree with Danielle and Eve-Mary. I don’t think that our introduction is on there. I espically love Danielle’s groups piece. I think that we need some best boxing aswell. Well Done everyone everything sounds really good

  67. The group with the i-pads was just Louie and Athan mucking around and shouting. We didn’t progress at all in the practise time and because of us, no one contributed their ideas to the main thing except Louie who already had a whole song planned out. We weren’t prepared at all so we basically just used Louie’s idea.

    Anyway, the positive side…

    The verse/chorus was really good! I don’t believe how they could’ve made it. All it needed was for the singers to be slightly louder.

    Overall though, the ideas were really good.

  68. I like both of the groups ideas. All we need to do is put them all together and work on the traction in between the chorus and verses also we need to practice on the instruments timing.

  69. I like both groups of ideas. I like Danielle’s and Eve Mary’s group because it sounded really good. I agree with Grace that we should just put them together and it will sound really good.

  70. I think we need to find a way to link the verse and the chorus properly rather than just jumping right into the chorus and we need to work on the timing of the instruments.

  71. I thought everyone’s songs were amazing!!!:)

  72. The verse/chorus was amazing but the i-pads group was just Louie’s pre-recorded track and Louie & Athan shouting in the middle of it.

  73. i think both ideas are great the singers could be a bit louder and when we put it all together it will sound great

  74. The parts of the song don’t really seem to fit together. I’m wondering if we could put a bit of an instrumental section between each bit of the song. There could be a tactful change of tempo to match the next part’s, which would be better than just launching into something with a different tempo straight away.
    All of the recordings are great, although the drums were too loud in the intro (Which is actually my fault since I was the one playing them!). I’ll make sure not to drown out some of the other instruments.

  75. i think the singers need to be louder and the instruments turned down

  76. i think that the ipads was a bit different to the singing, slightly.

  77. Elizabeth said:

    I think the verse and the chorus sound good now that their together, but I am wondering how we will put the I-pad section in with the rest.

  78. Maggie Macarthur said:

    I don’t think the verse and chorus sounded too good. The singing was great but the instruments did not always sound smooth. I think this is because the rhythm changes suddenly. When the cymbal is played during the introduction the piano playing stops when perhaps it shouldn’t. Although I liked the ipad bit I just can’t see how it can come together with the verse and chorus parts. One is very serious and the other is too jolly.

  79. i dont think they sounded too good put to together , one was jolly nd the other is quite serious overall , the ideas are good

  80. i don’t think they sounded brilliant together because they suddenly changed which made it sound a bit weird but they singing was good

  81. fn needs to start to add the ipads to get a chorus to it and make it sound better

  82. I think that we need to make a link between the chorus and the verse to improve this piece then add in the iPads πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  83. Aidan Barry said:

    i wasn’t here on Monday but but i really liked them all and found them to sound good

  84. Aidan Barry said:

    for the voice prep you need emotion to make the song happy and sad and people dress the way they do for the song.

  85. The timing is amazing and we sound the best we should keep this up. The only thing I cant here are the I pads and the Ukuleles. Louise and Athens sounds really cool fun and great and Archie is doing well on the guitar!!!

  86. and another thing is that one bit is really like “lets have fun” sort of thing then when a verse comes it all of a sudden go’s very like serios

  87. We still need to regain a balance between the vocalists and the instruments so that both don’t overpower each other. We need to be definite of our verses in the Fight For You song and maybe and harmonies if possible? We (especially me) need to be careful when it comes to singing with the microphone becuase sometimes we don’t have the mic in the right place so some bits you can’t hear very well but others you can hear but too close to the mic so it would sound a bit blurry.On the whole, everyone has made lots of great progress and it is really coming together now, I can’t wait until we finally record it! πŸ™‚

  88. we have improved a lot since the start of the topic. as well i think the singers could learn the words of by heart and be confident about doing it because there are gaps where its really quiet like they don’t know what comes next.

  89. I think we have really made a big improvement compared to the last couple of attempts but we need to work on the drums and there timing.

  90. Danielle Thompsett said:

    I think that the verses now tie in with the chorus. However I think that the chorus goes a little bit to slowly and I think we need to make the chorus more upbeat. All of the parts now work really well together.

  91. Really good! If only the singers were a bit louder. Also a stop just for the transition just doesn’t seem to work. maybe something else would.

  92. I listened to it a couple of times but I couldn’t hear the ukuleles. Everything is so loud the sound of the ukuleles is almost impossible to notice. Other than that we have doing great. GO TEAM FN!!!

  93. It was really good but I think we could improve it by making the introduction more in time and some of the chorus and verse to. Also I think that we need to make sure that the instruments and vocals are balanced because at the moment it’s quite hard to hear what the singers are singing.

  94. the intro need to be more in time

  95. I think that the introduction needs to be more in time and i think that the singers need to be a bit louder but i think that we’ve made a big improvement since last week

  96. i think the song is really good but the singers might need to be loader and when we swap from the verse to the chorus we should make do it a bit more quicker.

  97. i thought that it was good but the singers need to be louder

  98. I think the singers need to be louder and I also think that my group (introduction) need to have more practise with the other groups because we do not know what we are doing very much after our part

  99. Aidan Barry said:

    we need to be abit faster so the singers go in with the music

  100. I agree with Amy that the singers need to practise with the others groups because we never no what to do when the other groups are playing there bit. But overall I think it was good if th singers just sung a little bit louder.

  101. Elizabeth said:

    It’s definitely coming together but when all the instruments come together it sounds a bit messy but compared to the begging its amazing!!

  102. stanley said:

    i thought it was really good

  103. I think that our song is starting to sound like a proper song now but it is a bit ‘iffy’ in places when the instruments aren’t in time but that can be fixed πŸ™‚

  104. I think when its all together it sonds like proper song just diffrent tune but in my group the tune I was playing on my ipad was a bit quiet it was still great.

  105. I think the people who are playing the music on ipads or who are not on ipad are a little bit fast and the singers are a bit slow but hopefaly it can be fixed. πŸ˜€

  106. Eve-Mary said:

    I think everyone is really great at their vocals,instruments and the ipad tracks were exceptional.However, linking to Maggie’s point, I agree that the iPads were a bit fast and the vocalists had a lower tempo so we all need to keep together in time. We need to maybe plug the iPads in to the amp to make them be louder so they can be heard because the tracks sound very professional. I know our final performance will be really good because everyone has progressed so well! πŸ™‚

    • I think we can record 2 versions next week, one completely acoustic and one where we plug EVERYTHING in. Rest your voice-we need you!!! PS you mean slower temp not lower right?

  107. Really good! We just need the timing in the intro to work and the singers need to be louder compared to the instruments, maybe we could make the instruments quieter.


  108. Grace FN said:

    I think it was very good but some of the singers need to sing up and in the interduction the piano need to be time a bit more. Also the timing of the drums on the first verse.

  109. Wiktoria said:

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ The whole thing’s amazing, but I’m wondering if we could possibly add a mild but fast I-pad solo of higher-pitched, techno-like sounds that grow quieter in order to face away completely and finish the song. But I’ve not a clue how it’s possible to make them change volume… :I

  110. i think it really good i think we need to work on the timing though

  111. Elizabeth said:

    It sounds really good but we still need to work on the timing and don’t we need to add on Louis idea as well??

  112. Annabel said:

    I think that it;s really good but i think we need to work on the pianos a bit more and the singing needs to be a bit more louder

  113. Annabel said:

    oops meant it’s

  114. I think it is really good but I agree that we need to work on timing

  115. I think it’s very good but I agree with other people that we need to work on the timing. We also need to work on the balance because in some parts the singers are quite quiet. I also think that the IPads need to work on their part and make sure that they don’t stop playing half way through.

  116. I also think that it sounded quite good but as the other people said we need to work on timing πŸ™‚

  117. Willow H said:

    i think we need to make the drums quieter because you can’t hear the iPad and i sounded good and when louie and a than do there bit it should be a bit better.

  118. Aidan Barry said:

    i think that the drums are to loud that goes from me to play much quieter

  119. I think that we should turn the drums down so we can hear every thing else and that the separate parts of the song (verse and chorus) should maybe have a part in between so they swap more smoothly. πŸ™‚

  120. Wiktoria said:

    About the vote, since the recordings didn’t show up on the website I went to the ‘click here if not’ and I’m confused: Is ‘FN Final’ Take 3? (I don’t want to accidentally vote on something different!)

  121. Eve-Mary said:

    I have voted for Take 1 however, it was a very hard decision to make! They were all good but looking at the votes Take 3 seems more popular. Well done everybody our house song is sure to win! πŸ™‚

  122. I most like n.3 for our final entry.

  123. 1 is definitely my favourite. The intro fits the song a lot more than it did with the previous intro.


  124. Elizabeth said:

    I have voted for No.1 because I personally think it was the best with timing and I liked it more.

  125. i voted for take 2 because i think the sound levels were good and the singing was really good

  126. i voted for take 2 because i think the timings better and the sound levels are equal

  127. I voted for take two because I agree with Annabele that the timings better because in the other ones the timings weren’t as good.

  128. Maggie Macarthur said:

    I think take 2 is better because its all in time but the others were not really in time oh well :c it still sounds really good. πŸ˜€

  129. i think take 3 was the best because we were all in time together and all worked the tunes out together and also i can hear some harmonys in there

  130. I voted for take 3 because I thought that the introduction was better than the other ones we did and I also thought that the balance was quite good between the instruments and singers.

  131. Aidan Barry said:

    3 it sounded the best and was in perfect time and i liked it the most

  132. i agree with aidan 3 sounded the best and had great timing

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