FN Passenger learning Journey

Week 1: a silly warm up

Week 3

And with vocals

Week 4

Week 5 Vocals

Week 6 Mrs Goldwater’s group

Week 6 Classroom Group

Group 4 small group performance (week 1)

Group 3 small group performance (week 1)

Final performances before we perform live next week!

40 thoughts on “FN Passenger learning Journey”

  1. Our class has work very well over the past few weeks and our timing has progressed.The singing needs to be a little bit more in tune at times in the song overall it is great.

  2. i thought we got better as the week went on and the vocal warm ups were really good

  3. I really enjoy the music lessons and I like the warming up excersises to get us in the mood of things. I think we have all really come on since the first lesson and now know what everyone is doing. It really helped being in individual small gruops so when we put it all together we will have had a lot of practice and won’t get distracted by what other people are doing.

  4. On FN Vocals week 506 1 towards the end we sounded really out of time.

  5. FN week 3 sounds terrible compared to week 6

  6. I’ve listened to all of the groups at the start and today’s lesson and everyone has really improved at whatever they do in their group.
    P.S. The group I’m in needs to think a very VERY little bit about timing…(sorry guys!)

  7. I think we have all made great progress since the start of this topic!

  8. I think we’re quite good excpt for the fact we’re completely out of tune(:-/)
    We need to work also on getting everything on time.
    Group 4~Jamie

  9. Elizabeth said:

    I think when we went into bands the timing got better because there were less of us. But we have defiantly got better from the first time we did it.

  10. I think that we have all improved and working in smaller groups has made a real difference. I think that we could work on the timing a bit more.

  11. I think our recordings in music have improved massively and everyone has slowly got in time with each other.The warm ups have also been fun!

  12. I have enjoyed working in smaller groups and everyone has a chance to be heard in smaller groups. We could maybe improve the volume of the instruments

  13. On the first round we were out of time but in the end we sounded great!!!!

  14. I personally think that we haven’t made as much progress as we should of by now, such as the singers out of time a bit. But overall its ok

  15. i think we have sorted out our drum problem but the singers need to stay in time with the music and need to be a lot louder but once it gets put all together i think it will sound great

  16. I have enjoyed working in smaller groups. But I think we can work on the timing a bit more

  17. I think our groups timing was abit off.

  18. we have made a lot of progess since the silly warm up at the start.still a few things to work on but still a large improvement.

  19. I think that if the singers get a bit louder and some of the instruments came in and out, but I think that once we’re quieter on the instruments and louder on the vocals it’ll be great! 😀

    Group 4

  20. adam williams said:

    i think we have made a massive improvement since the first week, our group has made a massive improvement and the first couple of the weeks the drums were not in time but now the drums have slowed down and now are in time with the beat and i need to learn how to do the triangle on the ukulele?

  21. Great comments everyone! I’m reading them all from Canada and really enjoying reading your thought and suggestions! Mrs G

  22. i think we got better as the weeks went on but the drumers could improve and so could the guitarists.

  23. i think we did terribly apart from the drums.
    we need to PRACTICE!
    James Group 1

  24. we can do much better at working together and how loud we are in acordence to the rest of our group. Too much clapping in warm ups as well

  25. i think the singers need to stay in time with the music and once that is done we should be perfect! leon

  26. I think the amount of work that everyone has put in is really good and I have really enjoyed working in the passenger as I a, sure many others have done. I think it it something to be proud of and I can not wait to start the next topic.


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