FN Find Your Voice

Have they improved? How? What is still to do?
Group 1
Recording 1

Recording 2

Group 2
Recording 1

Recording 2: not done

Group 3
Recording 1

Recording 2

Group 4-Hidden at the request of the group

Group 5
Recording 1

Recording 2

Group 6
Recording 2 only

Group 7
Recording 2 only

97 thoughts on “FN Find Your Voice”

  1. The second one…


    Anyway, I think it’s good but people need to stop messing around and focus more. Kian just sat back and did nothing whereas everyone else was trying. It took Yasine a bit of convincing before he would sing but eventually he did. James and Adam were straight into singing and so was Josh. Overall it was good. Maybe if Josh calmed down it would be a bit better.


    • I agree. Once I listened to it when I was singing it was a bit out of control and not in time. Kian was not singing (whether he was not very confident or just didn’t want to bother I don’t know) but Adam and James gave it a shot and so did Yassine after mucking about before. However apart from my singing and the other little mishaps during the time we had I think we did alright.


      • You did really well and by listening back and working out how you can make it better it should sound fantastic when it’s finished.

      • James Sloper said:

        josh youre group improved massively i could hear everything it was good but it could be better

    • James Sloper said:

      i agree josh no offence but you were really loud i couldn’t hear the maroon 5 song though that might have been my speakers … anyway i think we could all improve

      • Do you think the Maroon 5 group could sing up James? I think people telling Josh to sing more quietly need to sing out more confidently themselves! What do you think?

      • James Sloper said:

        i dont know really. im not that confident and i just cant sing at all.

    • Mrs Gower, you haven’t replied to mine so I’m not sure what to say. Anyway I’ll have a go…

      I’m kind of echoing my last comment, Josh did really well with his singing but it was just that bit too loud. I really don’t like singing. Instead I (tried) beatbox but it wasn’t great.

      I will try to come back to see any replies (if I remember)


  2. I agree with Jamie, Josh was quite loud and I could not hear too many voices until the end. It was a very good performance overall but it could have been a lot better if everyone tried

  3. Eve-Mary said:

    What I thought about:FN Group 7
    We did a lot of great work today and we got our songs up to speed. Now we can look at harmonies and add more songs to lengthen our piece. We can think of solos and other ways to improve. I think we need to watch our timing so we don’t become to fast or can’t keep up with the speed of the backing track.Overall, it was a great first attempt and we just need to keep working at it to perfect it. 🙂

    • The harmonies are a great idea. Why don’t you take solos so that the rest of the group can sing the backing parts and you won’t need the backing track then? Then you could also change tempo as you need to?

      • Response to Mrs Gower :
        That sounds like a really good idea and sounds like it could really improve our group’s work. We were using Garageband’s audio recorder to record our vocals and then layer them to make a backing track and us singing the verses. We still need to work on it to finish it. 🙂

      • Or you could try and sing it all live with the solos, swapping around! Would this work? Why/not?

      • Eve-Mary Adesina said:

        Reply to Mrs Gower:
        This idea could work for our group if we sort out an specific order of solos so we can be sure of what’s happening, this could really make our song come to life! However, this could be difficult as not may people want to sing on their own. We could have duets? We will look in more detail at this idea next lesson and try it out! 🙂

      • Eve-Mary said:

        Reply to Mrs Gower
        This idea is good and can really improve our piece. If we work out an order of verses/lines we could sing as solos to make our mash up cone to life! However, others might not want to sing on their own, maybe duets?

      • Definitely. Get the ones that want to doing solos and the ones that don’t duets!

  4. Wiktoria said:

    Since our recording wasn’t finished, I’ll comment on the 5th one.

    For most of the song, there’s only one singer. A lot of the singing’s a good volume and can be heard, but there are moments when the singing faded, like at 0.10. The volume of the backing track could decrease very slightly so that the singer didn’t have to sing too loudly.
    Also, the backing track might be a bit too fast for the words of the song, in which case the backing track could slow down enough to let the singer not have to hurry up as fast as possible to fit the track.
    Overall, the recording’s great! ^^

    Note: Recordings 3 and 4 are identical.

    • Oop thanks Wiktoria my mistake! Will correct it now.

      • Wiktoria said:

        You’re welcome. (And I don’t know what I should reply other than that…)

      • I liked the detail in your feedback, how you gave the place on the track that you were talking about. Can you do this for one of the other tracks?

      • Wiktoria said:

        The track after the unavailable one:
        Very good singing! I really like that there’s a solo. Also, using your own backing track sounds better!
        However, the first few seconds of the track are very quiet (0.05-0.10*). That bit should be slightly louder but not so that the singing seems quiet after it. ^^

        I like the very small gap between the songs at 0.27 because it’s a boundary between the songs on either side. It gives the singers a very short but convenient rest before singing again as well as give them a chance to listen for a moment to the backing and come in at the right moment. When the solo came in (0.42), the previous song sort of faded into the beginning of the solo, so a gap there would be good.
        At 1 minute, there’s another, very short gap that again helps.

        Overall, the track’s very good! 😀

      • Brilliant detail here well done! Have they got a good start and ending?

      • Wiktoria said:

        As I said before, they have a great idea on the start, although it’s a bit quiet. Their ending is also good, but I suggest at the end the backing slowly fades- from the current volume to a whisper and nothing in about 5 seconds after the end of the section of the last song. That way, the track doesn’t end suddenly.
        The whole track is awesome. ^^

  5. Annabel said:

    Recording 2 needs to be more in time because gradually they went out of time Josh went too quick so it sounded quite weird and he also sang quite loudly which made it sound even more weird because they should really be at an equal pitch and how loud they were so it could fit together properly but it was good other than that they just need to work on their timing.

    • I think it’s hard to get the balance right though when you are doing a rough recording. I’d rather everyone sang like Josh-with a sense of style and being brave!

      • Annabel said:

        I think it is hard because sometimes you can’t hear the music when you sing in a group or really loudly most people aren’t confident in singing even though they are good i think it’s because we’re scared of getting made fun of

  6. It will not let me play the recordings on this page

  7. Thank you.
    Group 7 – I really like how the group start. They have manny talented singers in there group. To improve it they should think about adding harmonies and maybe having some people doing solos or duets. I think it was amazing for a first attempt. 😀 well done group 7.

  8. Grace Mattholie said:

    I think my group needs to get a bit more on time with each other as someone was a bit to fast and slow in the piece

    • Can you say where exactly in the piece that this happened? Why do you think it happened? What were they out of time with, the backing track or with each other? Is there a way you can set a pulse to keep you all together?

      • Grace FN said:

        I think the place we went wrong was on the second verse. I think it happened because we went out of time with the backing track. A way to prevent this is to tap our for fingers on our hands to keep the plus the same because there are more than one person doing this therefore if someone go out of time they can look at someone eels to pick up we’re they went out of time. Also we could fester with our hand to show when we start to sing and when we start individual souls in the backing track therefore people won’t get lost and confused and can just fix there mistakes. I know with a bit more practise it will be great and we will have polished every thing up so it is perfect and get a a some final recording.

      • I absolutely think that having a backing track of some description or performing the other parts with the melody will help you to find and keep the pulse

      • Grace FN said:

        I think that will work miss and to Make it even more interesting we could add harmonies

  9. Elizabeth said:

    All groups did really well but some need to concentrate more and no mess around, also in some groups there timing was a bit out.

    To improve thought I would try to add some harmonies and solos/duets of course after the timing was good and everything was in tune.

    Also I noticed in Group 2 Josh seemed to be really loud so I couldn’t really hear anyone else, they also seemed to speed up nearer the end.

    (I couldn’t play the 5th track it says “this track is not available” I don’t know why this is and if it is happening to anyone else)

    • Great feedback, well done. Track 5 is private as they requested it not go live yet. I agree that adding harmonies needs to be a target for all the groups as that will be how we evidence composing in this task. How do you think groups should start this?

      • Elizabeth said:

        To add harmonies I thing that maybe there could be duets and they each sing in a different tone. Also the other members of the group could then do the backing track so they don’t need to record it and play it back.

        Obviously this idea will probably not happen in one lesson so it would take a while.

  10. I think all the groups did really well and i think in the second one Josh sang a little bit out of time so maybe they could work on timings and on the last one it sound really good because all of the singers were very talented and they sang in time which was really good. But overall I think they are all very good.

  11. I think that everyone did really well even if they dont like sining; it would be better if people would be a bit more concentrated for a better result and some songs were out of time but it was a pretty good first try 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

    • Can you give an example for which group and which part of the song you think went out of time?

      • The numbers aren’t loading on my screen but it was one of the girl groups when they started to overlap songs people slowly began to become out of time with the backing track 😐🎤

      • Also, maybe instead of overlapping, the groups that did I erlap songs could put harmonies there instead 🎤 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 🙂

  12. Willow H said:

    for the second one i think they could be louder as i couldn’t really hear them and the backing track could be louder as well

    • Does the volume of the recording make a difference to the quality of the performance though Willow? Can you give the group some feedback about how they could make that sound better?

  13. I thought that group 7’s singing was very good. I also thought that the songs they chose were good and fitted very well with the backing track. Eve Mary’s solo was really good because she sounded confident. To improve their piece they could try adding in a few harmonies at different points. Overall I thought it was a great first attempt.

    • Would group 7 sound as good if they sing with the backing track?

      • I think that group 7 would sound as good if they used the backing track as long as they get the timing right to fit with it. Or instead of using the backing track straight away, they use the piano on the IPad like my group did in the lesson because you can hear what is playing better and it is easier to keep in time with.

  14. group 7

    i think the singing was really good, the choice of songs were great and the way the group fitted them together. Another thing was that the group was confident in their singing but for improvements they could put in more solos and have a couple of harmonies to really push it. In the end i thought it was a brilliant way to start the group off.

    • Which group are you talking about Zoe? In your answer, always start with group 1 could….I thought groups 2 were….. etc.

      • group 7’s singing was really good, the choice of songs were great and the way the group fitted them together. Another thing was that the group was confident in their singing but for improvements they could put in more solos and have a couple of harmonies to really push it. but i realized in group 2 you could hear josh singing really loud so you couldn’t hear much.

  15. issy fn said:

    i think they were all actually really good but we need to work on timing.

  16. Aidan Barry said:

    I think we were all abit loud over the music mabey tone down abit and be quieter

  17. It won’t let me play the recordings.

  18. It still won’t let me just says at the top W #comment-2688

  19. Danielle Thompsett said:

    i think that the third recording is very good.

    It stays in time with the backing track and the choice of song is very good. I think you need to work on the pitch of the song otherwise it is very good piece.

    Next time you should try to add a couple more songs so it is not just one song adding some more will make it a mash up of songs.


    • Great feedback, can you suggest songs to try or ways they could improve the pitch?

      • Maggie Macarthur said:

        The third song had the same chords as U2’s song ‘Without or Without You’ and also sounds a little like ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police. Hopefully, this will help pitch, chords and lyrics. 😀

  20. I think that thy should have the harmonies at certain times because it will sound more effective that way than just having them the whole way through.

  21. Willow H said:

    no it doesn’t make it worst but to make it better all of them could put as much effort as josh as i could only hear him

  22. Willow H said:

    it is a very good performance over all

  23. issy fn said:

    i think josh needs to calm down a bit because we need to hear the others aswell but it was cool over all

  24. its an alright performance but there is room for improvement

  25. but i think archie really did shine in the third performance

  26. bit too loud need to tone down a bit

  27. Annabel said:

    I think our group improved by adding harmonies but we still need to work on them because the people who were higher pitched were louder than the lower pitched people and we did do some solos and we had a trio on yellow diamonds (we found love) so i definitely think we have made some improvements

  28. Wiktoria said:

    (Group 6 )
    At first, we had a whole chunk of Let It Go at the beginning and a verse or two of the other songs (Apart from my solo on Grenade which included 3 verses). We had an idea to split it into 2 parts and begin our recording with the first one and end it with the second one, which definitely helped.
    We could improve by increasing our volume, making our singing stronger and more confident.
    Overall, we’ve made some good improvements 😀

  29. Eve-Mary Adesina said:

    Listening back I think our group has had some pretty good improvements. However, when we get to the second verse the harmonies are good but are a bit rusty. To improve that point we could have more people singing the backing track so there is an even balance of voices. Other than that, we did very good this week! 🙂

  30. I can’t find mine. Only the first recording. Anyway, Adam was fairly embarrassed about it so I’m sure he’s happy it’s not there. Since I have no recording to work with, I’ll just try.

    Josh has improved A LOT. He didn’t shout this time. By the end of the lesson (after a bit of me shouting) Adam started singing. They’ve improved a lot since last lesson. I think what helped was that our group got smaller.

    ಥ⌣ಥ Tears of joy…

    • I agree with Jamie, I thought my singing was marginly better and Adam joined in after some persuading. We have all improved since last time and I hope we will keep on getting better.

  31. Danielle said:

    I think we really improved from last week. With Mrs Gower over the top it worked much better because we stayed in time more. now I think we need to work on harmonies.

  32. Grace mattholie said:

    I think the harmonies work really we and I love the new solos and trios, which make the piece really come together. The group and myself are working hard and this will make the 4 chores song come together and sound great. We have improved quite a lot now we can perfect and polish our performance.

  33. I think that group 7 really have improved. I love the new solos.

  34. Elizabeth said:

    My group have really improved, it sound amazing.
    The solos and trios make it sound amazing and the harmonies make it sound even better.
    To make it even better I think that we can maybe work on the backing track, because sometimes you either can’t hear it or no one does it.

  35. I think that group 7 have improved lots. I like the way that someone was singing the backing track the whole way through the performance to help keep it in time. I also thought that the solos were really good because they sounded really confident and strong. Finally I thought the harmonies sounded very good. The places in which they put them were amazing!
    To improve they could work on making sure that you can hear the backing track at the same volume the whole way through it because there were some places when you couldn’t hear it as much as others.

  36. I think Josh’s group have improved because I can hear the others more but josh is still loud, there timing is very good and now they could sing different songs at the same time which would sound great !

  37. I agree that joshes group has improved because he is getting to the right volume but it just needs to be a little bit quieter. I also think that eve-Marys group improved by adding the harmonies which is good!

  38. i think group 7 have made lots of improvements in their performance. the solos were really good because they were confident and the setting out of the whole song was good because they have thought it all through well. i think it was really good on how somebody was doing the backing track to make sure they all stay in time with each other.

  39. I think the second recording is better because we’ve added harmonies to it and solos to the mix but we still need to improve timing 🙂

  40. it isnt letting me listen to recordings ??? 😦

  41. Aidan Barry said:

    I wasn’t here when the prep was given out can someone explain what i need to do?

  42. have listened back to my groups work and ours I pretty out of tune however we have yet to upload our finished project and it is very good and we will have improved dramatically

  43. Aidan Barry said:

    i think that we have improved very well and done alot more to make it better

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