ES Passenger WRONG


If you are looking for a target, choose from these!

Make a contribution to the group’s progress at least 3 times per lesson
If you go wrong stop, listen and start again on beat 1
Use the CD to check you have the correct notes and timings
Use the drums to start off or count in clearly so that you have a beat to play in time with
Check spelling and capital letters before posting a comment on the blog
Make sure you know which group you are on the live lesson blog and read your feedback below

Take a look at our live lesson blog from 12th November HERE.

Porta Cabin 2 SNAPSHOT

1. Check everyone has the right notes before you start
2. Keep practicing so you don’t come out of time as you repeat the riff

Porta Cabin 1 SNAPSHOT

1. Check the piano notes are correct before you start by listening to the CD and playing along
2. When your 3rd person is back, think about turning off the CD to see how you get on


1.Finally decide on which instrument everyone is playing and stick with it!
2. Get the drums in time with the backing track before you add in the vocals


1. Check the pitch of the Gaveenas by having the piano playing at the start
2. Check the piano notes before you start
This is a good first go without the CD though!


1. Vary the Uke rhythm between the verse and chorus
2. Make the drum rhythm more interesting
3. Piano play 2 hands independently

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