ES Passenger

Please check your final recordings and let me know if there are any errors


If you are looking for a target, choose from these!

Make a contribution to the group’s progress at least 3 times per lesson
If you go wrong stop, listen and start again on beat 1
Use the CD to check you have the correct notes and timings
Use the drums to start off or count in clearly so that you have a beat to play in time with
Check spelling and capital letters before posting a comment on the blog
Make sure you know which group you are on the live lesson blog and read your feedback below

Take a look at our live lesson blog from 12th November HERE.

Porta Cabin 2 SNAPSHOT

1. Check everyone has the right notes before you start
2. Keep practicing so you don’t come out of time as you repeat the riff

Porta Cabin 1 SNAPSHOT

1. Check the piano notes are correct before you start by listening to the CD and playing along
2. When your 3rd person is back, think about turning off the CD to see how you get on


1.Finally decide on which instrument everyone is playing and stick with it!
2. Get the drums in time with the backing track before you add in the vocals


1. Check the pitch of the Gaveenas by having the piano playing at the start
2. Check the piano notes before you start
This is a good first go without the CD though!


1. Vary the Uke rhythm between the verse and chorus
2. Make the drum rhythm more interesting
3. Piano play 2 hands independently

51 thoughts on “ES Passenger”

  1. snapshot porta cabin 1
    I like the singing because it was realy nice and clear I also like the beet of the song to.

  2. Couldnt find my group on here which one are we(Ethan,Harry,George,Cameron,Isac).

  3. Checked again and found it. I agree with you,although me and Ethan switched places so I did’nt really know the words.

  4. Porta cabin 1: Huh? We had the CD up really high! We really need to work on not using it though!

  5. I really liked listening to the songs i think that jessie has done really well on the drums!!!

  6. Thank you miss Gower for the comment, I realize the whole thing could of sounded a lot better but at least two members of our band wouldn’t stop mucking around and they ended up just randomly strumming their guitars while the other people in my group had some difficulty with their instruments and this wasted time. I really like snapshot A49 as the singer was clear and the instruments were in time. What they could improve on is the drums as they sound a bit messy and also the whole thing needs to be brought together more but over all Fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I liked listening to the songs and I agree with what Cameron said!!!

  8. Thanks Cameron, I found A50’s group was really good because the singers were clear and the instruments were in time all in all I think they are all very good!

  9. I also think that A50’s group was good because the beat was steady. And if you listen carefully, you will realize you can hear all the instruments, none of them are overriding each other!

  10. Thanks Maddie! I think everyone sounded really good and clear and I thought porta cabin 1 sounded really good. Mrs Gower I couldn’t hear a violin on a49 group and I remember you telling my group that we needed to add harmony’s and for me to change my strum pattern on the ukele. Those comments were on porta cabin 2 group though and I don’t think I couldn hear a ukele in their group either.

  11. I think the group in A49 was the best, the beat was in time and the singers had clear and good voices!!! I liked the begining of the song with the ukeles which were very good!!!! well done, brill work.

  12. i think that a50 was realy good

  13. A50 SNAPSHOT- This was really good. Maybe to inprove you could make the beat of the drum more interesting. It was really good. They are all fab, carrying on making the best that they can be !!

  14. (E Year) Kuba Hliwa said:

    I think the same as cameron

  15. Jenny (with her new hair cut) said:

    a 51 you couldnt hear anything but the cd and the singer whent wrong i know that was an accedent but you need to be more confident with the timing

  16. a49 snapshot was realy good keep it up πŸ˜‰

  17. Porta Cabin 1 SNAPSHOT
    Was good and I liked the singing

  18. A50 SNAPSHOT was really good but the drums couldf of had a diffrent beat
    and everyones is really good though keep on going everyone =)

  19. harry smith said:

    Snapshot A51
    i thought that the drumming wasnt in time but the rest of it was good

  20. all of them were really good, but i couldn’t find my group’s one. when it says A49 snapshot which is meant to be us, it isn’t us. hmmmmm….

  21. I think that now Louise is well (I hope she stays that way!) we should do alot better as we will have the drums.

  22. Although this should be my group’s piece of music, I couldn’t really tell as the extract that Mrs Gower recorded was very short and unclear. If this was my group’s, it is obvious that we need to work on it quite a bit more as one particular person was messing around; this affected the whole piece because it slowed us down and prevented us from concentrating. I do believe that we have made some progress but we do still need to work on it. THANK YOU MRS GOWER FOR THE LESSON!

  23. i think my group need to get the druming and the violin in time a bt more, and also the singing needs to be in time and in tune. at least we had our other person back.

  24. all of them where really good i couldnt find my group but well done everyone you did really well keep playing cool stuff πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. I was out of time like shania said and charlotte got in timing right at the end but we did improved because we turned the cd player off.

  26. i really like A50s passenger hearing all the different instruments!!!! The singing was amazing x

  27. A49 group : I could only hear the start of our song ?

    Pheobe,jessie,maddie,zoe,chloe x

  28. a50: The final recording was really short! Why?!
    In the lesson you recorded the whole song!

  29. I thougt my group was good but we could cooperate more, also could use some more time to practise!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  30. thanks XD

  31. Well, we turned off the CD, that was good. But it sounded rubbish! All out of time and everything!

  32. I think that mollly did really well for the final performance as she only joined our group that day! It’s a shame that the final performance clip ended just before the drums and singing 😦 but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves loads this topic!

    • I think that I found ours, and it seemed really good ( and if it isn’t ours then well done that group!) thanks mikyla!

    • Thanks mikyla! I think I found our group, and it sounded great! But if it wasn’t, then well done that group. I think the reason it sounded good is because of the clarity of individual instruments and in time beat

  33. I think that A50s group was good. I think we did improve from our first snapshot. Although I’m upset we didn’t get to hear much of the song on our second one, I’m still quite happy because it means we get more time to practice! ( not that we need it!)

  34. i think our group (cms3) did ok as molly only joined that day.

  35. (E Year) Kuba Hliwa said:

    I think that our group was good because of Dan’s great piano and the background instruments went together really well

  36. i think our group is okay but it could use with some work on it. the singing was out of tune and it was a little slow.

  37. Hi,
    This is Megan from year 8 and my homework is to comment on your songs! I hope you find this helpful!

    A49 snapshot-A very good start! Try and make sure your “gaveenas” are the right pitch by listening to the note you’re supposed to be singing on the piano or CD. Also the piano was very good but revise the notes that you are supposed to be playing next lesson.

    porta cabin 2 snapshot-Very nice1 The piano playing was excellent but make sure that you keep in time with the drums. The drumbeat was also nice but don’t slip away and the end-keep strong and steady. Next step-structure your piece with a begining
    ,middle and end.

    James m dec 3-…..Um nice name…really catchy….No seriously that was really great! You have great potential! The piano, drums and shker-thingy were all in time and very well rehearsed. It was a bit repetitive though so structure your piece with a begining
    ,middle and end to keep us interested!

    snapshot porta cabin 1-Amazing work! Very good singing-if you want you could add some harmonies to make it jazzy! The piano was good but try not to come in too early….I have never heard the piano do the passenger…truly unique. Trey it without the CD next time.

    porta cabin dec 3- Great…just great…as soon as I say something’s unique you lot have it too!!! Nice! The drumming was good-keep it consistant though and the singing was too but make sure you’re in time.

    snpshot A51-Great work! You’ve got good singing but try to make it even better by adding some harmonies to keep us interested! Next tme try again without the CD. Drumming-ahhh we have an improviser on our hands…now improvised sections are fine by me, but you need some structure to your drumming.

    To all in ES, great work! (I also listened to the final performances, but seen as they were FINAL I decided not to comment and you can’t make me…OK then they were all amazing-well done!)

    P.S. If you need help, you may ask no further post me a comment on NUMU or something-I am the “cat in the hat”….happy blogging!

  38. Who was back porta cabin finl? Really nice how the strong beat of guitar and drums was mellowed by other instruments, but great work ek

  39. tyler edwards said:

    well done all the recordings you did very well

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