EL House Music Competition

Welcome to our learning journey as we compose our song for house music this year! In our first couple of lessons we are trying to find our groove!

We composed 2 grooves, have a listen then complete the poll below

Groove 1

Groove 2

Ideas composed in lesson 15th Jan

Our Introduction

Our verse idea

Our chorus

We need to fit the lyrics to the backing track
Verse 1
All we have is now
Let’s make the most of this come on break it out
So everyone can hear it they don’t have to understand
But we’ll make them if we can do you hear me?
Are you with me?

Backing track

Verse on 5th Feb

Freedom introduction idea

In our lesson on 12th Feb, we worked on the chorus. First we sang it

Then we worked it up into a longer section

We need to practice this so it is in time and the singers feel confident with their harmony parts

FINAL FINAL performance!

54 thoughts on “EL House Music Competition”

  1. i think the seconed one is better

  2. I think the piano in groove 1 might be able to fit into groove 2 as well as the piano in that grove. Groove 2 I think would be better to use.

  3. i think groove 2 is the better song

  4. We need to concentrate and not be silly to win

  5. Anna Hemsley said:

    I like all the ideas and think we need to deside on a tooic for the lyrics for them to blend well

    • Next I think we need to put the lyrics into the song but keep them slower. This could be done in a four beat rythme because the mucic is in four beats, this is instead of really fast lyrics

    • Zachward said:

      sounding good keep it going

  6. I think that a lot of the groups need more beats to there song to give it an extra push and more rythem.

  7. alanah biggs x said:

    i think that idea 3 the singer needs to slow down and be lounder x but they are very good xxx

  8. Chloe w x said:

    i think idea 3 needs to speak up i agree with alanah xx

  9. liam fuller said:

    i think idea 1 might go well with the guitar in idea 3

  10. Tbh I don’t think we should use the new grooves we should stick to the old ones

  11. I think we should use them all together like Mrs Gower said

  12. i think that idea 1 will go well with some instruments in idea 3

  13. I think idea 3 has potential but needs to slow down and idea 2needs to start at different times like maybe the clarinet could come in at the middle!

  14. i think the same as chloe and frankie

  15. I don’t think we should use the grooves because the point of the competition is to come up with our own music and they don’t even sound like something that could be a good song

  16. I think idea one with some instruments from idea three would be good.

  17. I think that group 3 singing need to be louder and need to slow down a bit .

  18. i think that number 1 is the best

  19. xxxfreyaxxx said:

    I think we should use them all together because 1 and 4 had good drums, 2 had good lyrics and group 3 had good guitar and if we put them together we have an amazing song!!! 😀

  20. lbprules355 said:

    We need to slow down the lyrics and speed up the music so they are the same

  21. Frankie xx said:

    I think maybe the drums should start, then the piano then slowly add more instruments then vocals!

  22. I think the verse idea is good at the start because the drums sound really good it just all goes really well together !!!!!!

  23. The piano wasn’t to the timing of the music and sounded not so perfect yet I think this peace needs more time putting together properly in time with the beat of the drums also choose your main speed to go at through the whole verse a d then maybe think about adding more chords to instruments however don’t add anymore chords if it will affect the sound and timing of your peace.

  24. baconsandwichman said:

    I think we should try to make the song more lively and less simple because it wont sound good if the whole piano part is just C and E

  25. baconsandwichman said:

    and the rest of the notes for the instruments should at least be tweaked

  26. We need to put the all the lyrics into our song but it has to be in time with the music

  27. Hopefully we will win =D

  28. Chloe w x said:

    i think it could work but we do need to be a bit more lively so that it dosent get a bit boring .and also i think that me and ryan could have a bigger part because the notes we play at the moment are really easy. 😀 x

  29. i think all the ideas sound good and especially the fredom and my groups rhythem i think anna idea of singing sounds good with the veres we made up;.

  30. i think it is going very well and we should make the music more bouncy and lively.

  31. I like the idea of fitting all the instruments together and the lyrics are sounding good as well as the piece is boring and needs to be more lively up a bit

  32. i thik that it needs to get more lively because right now its realy boaring.

  33. We need to change the lyrics a bit so that the lyrics can slow down and also speed up the music a bit so that they are at the same pace and sound right.

  34. xoxoxfreyaxoxox said:

    i think with the lyrics that we can use them all but break each line in half and it should fit in with the music! 😀

  35. i think we should put more lyrics in the song and make it lively

  36. (E Year) Kuba said:

    keep it up

  37. Well done kept in time the whole way through keep it up. 🙂 🙂 😀

  38. That final piece song is really good and I like the funky ending! The drums and the piano were really good as well. And I loved the harmony singing! :-))

  39. Alanah biggs said:

    wow we sound so awsome 🙂 😀

  40. I think it is really good!! I like the change in music in the middle to the singing!!! I also liked the harmonies and beat boxing in the song!!! Well done EL!! 🙂 😛

  41. Sounds good :). Maybe it could be one singer with a mic rather than loads of singers. Good! 😀

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