EM Compositions

The task-compose a piece of music using iPads, Garage Band on the macs or instruments/voice. This is a free composition, you may explore any style of music you wish. Compositions MUST be ready for performance on Tuesday 11th February.

Final recordings
Zack and Michael-lovely timing at the start and some nice ideas at the end

Mummy told Me-A great first go at some really difficult chords. Let me know if you’d like me to play with you next week

The Brunettes-I couldn’t find your recording from today so here is a fantastic version from last week! Looking forward to hearing it live


  • Emily and Chloe will record with Mr Gower later today
  • Chris, Conor, Alex and Harrison, your recording is still uploading. I will add it when done (it’s very good though-excellent timing)
  • Boys-I need to review your video and be sure that the performance is musical and that we won’t be distracted by the performance.

Don’t forget to feed back in the comments box and check back later for the last few recordings!

Click HERE to follow “The Brunettes” as they compose their first song together

It’s feedback time! please fill in the questionnaire to help Mrs G plan the next few lessons! These will printed for your folders so please check your spelling, capital letters and typing!

Each week for prep you will explore a different aspect of composing by listening to various pieces of music then thinking about the choices you have made in your work. Remember to leave a comment at the bottom so that I know you are keeping up with prep. It is crucial that you do the prep, if not the quality of your work will be affected so:


Week 2
Last week everyone voted that they preferred structure 1 – that’s song structure. So in the lesson this week you should be planning how your piece can fit into that structure. This week let’s think about chords.

In the Blues project we already used chords C, F and G. In Reggae we learned A, E and D. However in your own songs you may want to use wider range of chords including minor. Select the video below that fits with the instrument you are using to play chords in your group.

1. Playing chords on keyboard

2. Playing chords on the guitar

3. Playing chords on Ukuelele

4. Just using your voice!

Week 1-Structure

Structure is all about the construction of your piece and it can be useful to plan this out in advance. Think about how you will start the piece. What kind of introduction will you need? Then how will you keep the music interesting? Composers do this by coming up with different ideas. Some of these are repeated or changed, others you just hear once. Here are 3 common musical structures. Choose one for your piece and make a note on your planning sheet.

1. Song structure. Intro, verse/chorus, bridge (instrumental), outro

2. Binary form. Idea 1 repeated. Idea 2 repeated. This is known as AABB. Here is a mad American explaining this!

3. Ternary Form. Section A contains your first idea, B is a new idea then you return to section A again! ABA, here’s an example:

60 thoughts on “EM Compositions”

  1. I like the structure of piece one.

  2. Catherine said:

    Ilike the structure of 1 best.

  3. I like structure one

  4. I like the structure of piece one

  5. I like the structure one

  6. I like the structure of piece one the best because it is more easy to like xxx

  7. i like structure 1

  8. I like structure 1

  9. chloe holloway said:

    I like structure one

  10. tori white said:

    i like structure one

  11. i like number 1 the best!!!

  12. I like 1 the most

  13. Abbie ferguson said:

    I like structure 1 the best

  14. Jenna Sayers said:

    I like the beat and structure of number 1

  15. i like the stucture of 1

  16. So we all like number 1 then? Is that because it’s a structure we recognise or did we just watch the first video!?

  17. nick lawrence :) said:

    i like the structure of number one

  18. Emily-gene said:


    Music I find is the best!

  19. Ilike the structure of 1 best.

  20. michael wicks said:

    i like structure1

  21. Catherine said:

    i dont know where to comment for week 2 but i watched the keyboard lesson.

  22. I watched the them but I preferred structure 4 (just using your voice)

  23. christopher cunningham said:

    i like number 1

  24. definatley number 4

  25. I watched the piano piece.

  26. I liked the last one with akapella because it sounds best x

  27. I don’t know where to put the comment but i watched it aswell

  28. I like number 1

  29. joe hutchison said:

    defo number 4

  30. joe hutchison said:

    i like number 1 aswell

  31. i like the one where they are singing

  32. Number 4

  33. for week 2, the singing in amazing!

  34. Abbie ferguson said:

    I like structure 4 were they use just there voices to sing.

  35. Harrison Smith A.K.A Hazza said:

    Hi Mrs, I listened to all of them but I didn’t know what to do!

  36. Harrison Smith A.K.A Hazza said:

    But I like the second one!

  37. i liked stucture 4 because they used there vocals

  38. I like the structure one

  39. nick lawrence :) said:

    i liked number 4 because only voice makes me think how much practice it takes to sound that good and id do it

  40. i watched the singing video and it had a good structure and beat.

  41. i like number 1

  42. number 1

  43. i love number 1 it’s beesty

  44. Emily-gene said:

    I like structure one 😉

  45. Christopher Cunningham said:

    I liked structure1

  46. conor the person said:

    zack and michael had good ideas and rythem

  47. Catherine said:

    I like ‘ the brunettes’ piece of work because it is creative!

  48. I like the brunettes because there song is very catchy and has a nice rhythm and beat

  49. Also as an improvement for the brunettes is that i think they should sing louder so that i can hear the words clearer

  50. I like zack and Michaels because its a really happy song its got great. I also like the way it gets quieter at the end. But to improve maybe they could make it a little longer x

  51. *timing

  52. could be a bit louder for all of them

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