EL Passenger


If you are looking for a target, choose from these!

Make a contribution to the group’s progress at least 3 times per lesson
If you go wrong stop, listen and start again on beat 1
Use the CD to check you have the correct notes and timings
Use the drums to start off or count in clearly so that you have a beat to play in time with
Check spelling and capital letters before posting a comment on the blog
Make sure you know which group you are on the live lesson blog and read your feedback below

We are coming to the end of our Passenger project. Congratulations to everyone, this is a good set of performances for the first project! Don’t forget you can respond to any comments below, but please remember to check your spellings and capital letters before you post from now on! This is a target for many of you!  Please respond to the poll to let me know how you feel you got on so that I can make sure the next task is set at the right level for everyone so please tick the box that applies to you!

Some tips for all of you
1. Keep the CD playing so you can hear how the parts fit together
2. Listen to the drummer who will help you stay in time
3. Think about how you will start and finish the piece
4. Think about how you can stop the piece getting boring, how could you change what you play?

Remember playing in time is the main objective of this task!

A49 group: SNAPSHOT

Feedback: Decide which speed you want to go, fast or slow? Then all 4 will be in time!

Porta cabin 1: SNAPSHOT

Feedback: Check the guitar chords, remember top 3 strings only! Make sure singers know where to come in

Porta cabin 2 SNAPSHOT

Feedback: You all play the right notes, but it comes in and out of time. Make sure the drummer sets the speed and you all count carefully

Canteen Group: SNAPSHOT

Feedback: be careful not to rush. Have a go without the CD next lesson


Feedback: You all know the notes now good work! Keep the drum beat steady and all listen to that to play together. Use the CD to help you.


Feedback: Start by playing and singing along to the CD so you know how to fit the lyrics in.

29 thoughts on “EL Passenger”

  1. Francesca said:

    thanks for the feedback! I’ll take it on board!

  2. thanks for the feedback, ill take what you have said on board!

  3. Thanks for the comments will get there with a but more practise I think.

  4. thanks for the feedback i will take on board !!

  5. ryan dyas said:

    thanks for the comment I will make sure I improve on these things

  6. Thanks for the feedback ill take it on boared

  7. Thanks for the advise we will make sure we work on it.

  8. Alanah Biggs said:

    wow everyone sounded sooooo cool!!! I’ll make my piano playing more confident.

  9. Thanks for the feed back I will take it on board.

  10. GOOD

  11. I really like listening to the different instruments!!!!

  12. Snapshot 2 was my favourite by far, it had a nice Rhythm, the singers voices were very nice!!! At the beginning it was not that great but when they got into it, it was amazing !!!!!! They got the beat just right. The lyrics were very clear !!!
    I would be happy to listen to this anytime.

  13. In snapshot 5 it is clear that everyone in the group knows the notes and with a bit more practice it could be magnificent. My advice is that the the drummer should try to keep the beat steady and they should also turn the volume on the drums down as I cannot hear any of the other instruments. GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. snapshot 2 is my favourite so far because the singers have amazing voices and i think they were brilliant. It had a very nice rythm.Make sure the singers know when to come in next time. You got the beat just right. whoever is in that group singing has an amazing voice. BRILLIANT WORK GUYS IN EL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. snapshot 4:
    I think you played well and in time but next time you could do it without the cd and maybe do some singing.

  16. loved the voices in snapshot 2 keep up the good work!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (MY FAVOURITE SO FAR) :):)

  17. snap shot 4
    verry good beat try to get some people to sing not all playing instrament 🙂

  18. Well done snap shot 2. They are all coming on great. The ones that sang keep it up. WEEL DONE !!!!

  19. i think all of the music was very good, and the singers; cara you were really good 😀

  20. I liked everybody’s music and thought that piece 1 sounded really good however try not to let the buzzing and crackling effects take over your piece!

  21. it was good but the first one need improvement however over time it got better good luck next time!

  22. louis de la croix said:

    porta cabiin great singing and good beat .

  23. Gemma Smale said:

    They were all really amazing pieces well done

  24. I found it OK and the playing was definitely recognisable. I would give it a 7/10.

  25. Everyone played very, very well: I’m impressed with the quality that came out for you first music project at Monk’s Walk School!

    Snapshot 1: Great! The drummer and one of the pianists kept a very steady beat throughout, but everyone played all of the right notes. TIP: practice all of your timings so everyone can play exactly in time with one another. Very well done, it was a good piece!

    EL A49 Group: One word: WOW. Everyone kept in time with one another well and all the melodies were correct! To get a really high level and improve even more, my TIP is: try to harmonize some on the notes from some of the instruments as this will give the piece that extra effect. Also, you could take it a step further by adding in some of the lyrics, but I am very impressed by your instrumental cover of the song.

    Snapshot 2: That was a very good piece! The drummer kept a secure, steady beat for the rest of the group, the melodies were very good and you guys even managed to include lyrics! Good job! My TIP for you is: to try and harmonize some of the notes (vocal or instrumental). This will get you a high level and improve your piece.

    Porta Cabin 1: Well done! Everyone was in time and melodies and pitch was great! I think that was a very well-structured piece. TIP for you: Within that group there are some very talented musicians. See if you can have people creating ‘fills’ for the transition from verse to chorus. This will put a very positive effect on your piece and will make your levels rise!

    Snapshot 3: A really good try! Everyone was playing the correct melodies and it sounded as thought everyone knew what they were doing. TIP: Work on your timings because while some people are 100% certain with what they are doing and can play it well, others I can hear are struggling to keep up or just need a little more practice. With a little more practice you guy will sound really good!

    Porta Cabin 2: Hey, that was good! Generally, everyone was in time with one another and the different textures were built up really well with the different variety of instruments! TIP: To sound even better, try harmonizing some of the notes played by the instruments. This will put a positive effect on your music and get you a higher level! Very good instrumental cover of the song though!

    Snapshot 4: Great! Good steady beats from the drummer and I must say, I love the introduction! What kind of instrument did you use for that (– was it even an instrument??). My TIP for you: Maybe attempt to include some lyrics to your song, but the instrumental version is great and if you don’t want to add any lyrics, you don’t have to because the piece is already really good!

    Canteen Group: Good piece! There is a good steady beat, clear rhythms and lyrics are included! The structure is clear and overall: the piece is excellent! TIP time: see if you can add some ‘fills’ for the transition from verse to chorus. This will add effect to your piece!

    Snapshot 5: Good job! There is a very clear structure and it is laid out well. My TIP for you is to as a group work together on your timings because at certain times it is a bit “MiSh-mAsH”– but it was a very good effort will a good result!

    A51 Group: Everyone playing an instrument kept in time very well and there was a clear structure within the piece. TIP: If you are playing an instrument, try and create some ‘fills’ for the transition from verse to chorus, if you were singing, work a little on your timing. On the whole: the piece was really good!

    Snapshot 6: That was great! Generally, your timing was really good and there was a clear structure layout. Well done guys! TIP: Work on the melodies of some instruments a little more. Also, just check the singer’s timing. Other than that, it was SPOT ON!

    A50 Take 1: Awesome creative thinking on the piece! The idea of playing it in the major key was great! It puts that unique touch to the piece and makes it yours. My TIP for you is to work on your timings as a group. Once you have conquered that, it will be the icing on the cake (YUM!).

  26. ryan dyas said:

    i didn’t know where to leave prep comment so left it here so i felt like this topic was a good opportunity to express good lyrics vocals and pitches which altogether alternatively makes a really good fixed song with all the beat boxing lyrics and other sounds although i think we could all need a steady beat such as a tap or drum beat

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