ES House Music competition

Welcome to our learning journey as we compose our songs for the house music competition 2013!

We composed two grooves, vote for your favourite and leave a comment below!

Groove 1

Groove 2

Our first ideas for our pices (Jan 7th2013)

Idea 1

Idea 1 with rap

Idea 2

Could these ideas all fit together do you think?

More ideas from 14th Jan

The Mix, assembly performance Jan 21st!

Feb 4th lesson we have a verse and a chorus now!

Our FINAL FINAL piece!

59 thoughts on “ES House Music competition”

  1. I believe groove 2 was better as it had a steady beat from the beat-boxers and as soon as the drummers stepped in the piece really came alive! Although beat 1 was good the drums were very messy and loud but around the 50 second mark it did get better. Seeing the results on which groove was more popular as soon as I had voted I clearly noticed groove 2 was by far the best. everyone put everything into BOTH pieces and with some more practice I believe which – ever groove we choose it will be amazing!!!!!!! WELL DONE EVERYONE KEEP UP THE EFFORT AND Enthusiasm!!!!!!!

    • i think the beat boxers should quiet down and let my rap and free stlye and when im done end with everyone free stlying because in real music everything quiets down so u can he the rapper and what he saying otherwise it sounds boring with no proper ,focuesed rap

  2. phoebe barry said:

    well camron i think groove1 was much better beacuse in the first one it was in time but in the second one is went out of tune

  3. Isaac Sousa said:

    i agree with you Phoebe groovw 1 is realy on tune and the claps just came in at the perfect time ! keep it up!

  4. Isaac Sousa said:


  5. Charlotte said:

    I think that grove 2 was awesome, especially with the beep-boxing. Plus it was more in time.

  6. i think grove 2 was better. it was more in time and the beatboxing was good.

  7. I think that Groove 2 was better because it had more tune and rhythm, but groove 1 would probably be much better if we had practised a bit more.

  8. harry smith said:

    i think that groove 2 was better because it was in time and the beetboxing was good to.

  9. Loved idea 2 it was in time and sounded professional. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  10. Charlotte said:

    I think grove 2 was awesome!!! Grove 4 could also work with a few more instruments

  11. I thought idea 2 was amazing. I liked them all. Well done !!

  12. I really think everyone’s ideas are very unique and good as you can hear everyone tried their best to make their final ideas perfect. i especially like idea 1 and 2 not just because I was beat boxing but because we all pulled together and had different ways of showing a fast pace in music. WELL DONE EVERYONE KEEP UP THE ENTHUSIASM!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  13. It was good I like ares the best everybody look at my group x

  14. everyone’s was really good i really liked idea 1 it sounded really good but everyone did really well well done all =) =) =) =) =)

  15. i think the mix sounded good but we need to work on the timing a little more

  16. I really like idea 2 and the mix it really went together =) =) =)

  17. I thought groove 4 was really good but the drums are quite loud so you can’t hear much of the other instruments. I thinks its really good because its different from all the others and when all the instruments came together it sounded really good, great work everybody though! Hope the performance in assembly goes well.

  18. Goove 2 was better because i was more in time.

  19. (E Year) Kuba said:

    i think that es idea 3 was really good ha ha :pp

  20. Grove 2 was better, in my opinion, because I think it improved over time.

  21. i really like all of them. the assembly performance was really good!

  22. i think with a bit of work grove 2

  23. i think the mix is great , next lesson i think we need to make it more in time and maybe get the other groups to join in with us

  24. Christine said:

    I think the mix and verse are great and when we put them together (possibly next week) it will sound amazing!!

  25. I think everyone has put ideas into both the rap/mix and the verse, some ideas good and some said without thought but I do strongly believe the mix/ rap does need help to pull everything together as when listening to it, it sounded very messy and cramped but I know we all put effort in so WELL DONE! ;). The verse was amazing! It sounded calm and mellow and I get the idea the group who put it together is very articulate. All we need to do now is put it together. GREAT WORK!!!!!!:)

  26. Charlotte said:

    I think that the rap was really cool, and the vesre was well rehersed, but I can’t imagen them fitting together. Sorry, as they’re really good on their own. πŸ™‚

  27. doth are fantastic but the rap just won’t work with the verse which is ssssssssoooooooooo bad as they are gait.=)

  28. (E Year) Kuba said:

    everyone has put a lot into this and its sounding better every week

  29. I think we need some practise as the rappers are not sure on when to come in and how long/ short they need to do the solo, also the group needs to practise on keeping in time and helping each other to come in on their cue. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ :p

  30. i think we need to practice a it more as the rappers sometimes go to fast or to slow so then it looses time with the drums. i think we did great and i dont really blame the rappers because they also had to control the whole group. we all needed to know when to come in and out but the rappers backed us up to save our embarresment and replaced it with theirs. thanks allot guys! sometimes the pianos started on the wrong notes, so we need to know what we are playing. but over all, i think we did fab considering the fact we only had a few weeks to practice!

  31. phoebe barry said:

    next week the rappers need to work on getting in time with each over and when the come in the drums backed us up

  32. I agree with phoebe and every one did really well

  33. Very good but the rappers need to work on getting in time with the beat

  34. I think it is coming on great, i think we might have to play around with the contrast of the sounds. So make things louder and things quiter but i think is is reall good πŸ˜€

  35. Isaac Sousa said:

    i like the ES verse its really good. BUT MISS Gower dont sing with verse keep it up ES!

  36. I think that they are both great! But like everything they both need a slight improvement by maybe complicating the basic beat

  37. I think the verse and chorus are really coming together but the mix is a little over crowded with instruments at some points. I also think we need to start getting words together next lesson and you cant hear the rap so maybe he should only come in properly for a solo.

  38. I think they were both really good but I cant really hear zach and on the mixe i thinke we need some words.

  39. Cool song, and I liked the beat of it on the piano. Awesome ES πŸ™‚

  40. Anna Hemsley said:

    Really nice and steady start and rap goes great withh beat boxing.

  41. really nice and the it the beat stays in time with everything. The rapping fits really nice with the beat boxing and the calm bit afterwoods sounds really nice.

  42. ryan dyas said:

    i really liked the beat boxing and the groove that went with it keep it all together like you have and keep it perfect

  43. Jessica said:

    I like it πŸ™‚

  44. XxL!@mxX said:

    Well done guys keep it up and good luck

  45. i think it was good

  46. Emily .C said:

    They have a nice steady beat

  47. Very good song ES!!!! I think the banging at the beginning was great!!!

  48. the verse has a nice flowing rhythm and the piano players are doing great πŸ˜€

  49. Good beat guys although I found it a bit repetative

  50. xoxoxfreyaxoxox said:

    Yh it was good and iliked how you all kept in time but it was quite repetetive πŸ™‚

  51. ES your doing great, i love the the continuous beat it goes in really well. We have got tough competition.

  52. Ikr Abz! Great stuff guys! I hate to admit, but abi is right… we DO have some competition! Great work!

  53. sophie 7EK said:

    great work

  54. It sounds very good ! I like the piano it has a very good way of keeping the whole preformace in time.

  55. i think it was good because they all sounded in time

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