EK Passenger


If you are looking for a target, choose from these!

Make a contribution to the group’s progress at least 3 times per lesson
If you go wrong stop, listen and start again on beat 1
Use the CD to check you have the correct notes and timings
Use the drums to start off or count in clearly so that you have a beat to play in time with
Check spelling and capital letters before posting a comment on the blog
Make sure you know which group you are on the live lesson blog and read your feedback below

In our lesson we took some ‘snapshots’ of the pieces we are working on.

I’m having some trouble getting the tracks onto this page but soon you will be able to scroll down and have a listen with my comments on how to improve. In the meantime why not have a look at the Live blog that Charlie created during the lesson by clicking HERE. Scroll down to listen to the snapshots he recorded then leave your comments at the bottom of this page!

Suggestions for group 1:
1. Timing is a bit shaky at the start but you got back together well done. Make sure you count in and think about starting with the drums so you have a beat to play in time with
2. Check the notes on bass and piano, they weren’t always right


Suggestions for group 2:
1. Everyone knows their part, now you need to get the piece in time so the lyrics will fit
2. Get the drum part playing a steady beat, then count your 4s carefully


Suggestions for group 3 (back porta cabin group):
1.Get the bass part in as it really fills out the sound
2. Save the fills for the end of each section to shape the structure of the piece
3. Work out how you will start and stop the piece!



Suggestions for group 4 (A49 group)
1. Check the piano rhythm, just listen to make sure it is in time
2. Keep driving the rhythm forward
3. I love the way you change the rhythms in each verse well done

A49 group


58 thoughts on “EK Passenger”

  1. I think our group worked together well with lots of teamwork and tutorials, meaning that everyone got a good part in the song

  2. Lia Pentilescu said:

    Cara’s Group

    I liked how the group worked very well as a team.
    The improvement would be to get the timing of the beat right.
    Overall, I think it was good!

    By Lia

  3. I found that our group had a lot of teamwork going on and sounded very lively, just we need a better sense of rhythm.

    • How can you do this? (well done for doing prep when you were absent!)

      • Maybe we’ll need a chat with each other and have it properly planned out before performing? My piano part went slightly wrong so our timing went strange. But I thought it sounded better live than recording, and the person who recorded it was jolting the phone around so the sound changed volume.

      • Our group has really improved from no sense of rhythm to nearly brilliant yr7s. I find the only thing we still really need to improve on is our teamwork, e.g: we shout a lot to each other.
        Every group, I think, has something good and something they need to improve on. We are a very musical class!

  4. I liked how are group put a twist on the song but i would just like to work together better

  5. We did solo’s and a piano thing at the start. I would like to work in time and maybe even put more twists on the song. I thought my group did okay overall


  6. i think all the groups sounded very good, they were all in beat and their music was all very lively, overall all of the music was amazing!

  7. i think EVERY GROUP sounded amazing! i love it. i wish i could play like that!

  8. Overall i think all groups did their best and it all soungs great! Group 2, why don’t you add in drums therefore you can stay in time with the beat/pulse without going out of time. This will help to keep the music together.

  9. ours could of been better but every ones were good

  10. Georgia :) said:

    I think my group sounds good but we need the the mic turned up and the guitar chords need to be learnt!!! Last of all, liked the 3rd clip most of all!! It had a great and steady beat!I need to work on the guitar! 🙂

  11. Jenny (with her new hair cut) said:

    i think all the groups did well and each one has different things to work on.
    group1 you need your pianno playes to be intime a bot more but the singing was great.
    group2 i like the use of the ukerlales but ross the singing was a bit pitchey.
    group 3. i like the fill at the beginging and your all in time but i cant here the singer so a bit louder or i could just be that you did’nt have a mic.
    girls group ( mine) sounded ok but we need to work on our timeing a little bit and gergia stop counting us in ( i did not mean for that last bit to sound mean sorry georgia it just ruend it a little)

  12. i liked them all and your and doing well. keep it up

  13. i think that all groups sound brilliant!!! group 2 you should start the drums from the begining therefore you can stay in time, i like the use of ukerlales. group 3 the singer needs to be louder but i liked the begining and the timing. Girls group (mine) we sounded ok but our timing wasn’t brilliant. it would be better if georgia didn’t count us in because i couldn’t concentrate with your shouting(not being mean u just ruined it for us)

  14. I think the groups did really great, but our group wored as a team and we all put nour ideas into the band! Charlie took loads of pictures of our group and managed to do a quike video.

  15. are group are working well together and we have a good rhythm the only thing we might need to work on the pitch and how loud some instruments are

  16. I really enjoyed listening back to our group, we’re just making up new bits and pieces! I think we’re doing really well! I agree with Zach about we need to improve on our pitch and volume! Thanks for all the advice and comments, our group will definately consider and improve by using them!

  17. I Thought are group wasn’t too bad! We need to get are timing sorted stil, and I haven’t even got an instrument any more! I was covering for Celine on the Piano last week soooo…….
    The other groups were awesome and thanks for the great feedback.

  18. Also i think that we sounded the best 🙂

  19. i think the first group is really good but the piano needs to keep to the beat

  20. u all sound great i think that we all got a good part well done!!!!!!

  21. i like all of the groups they sound amazing =)

  22. Lia Pentilescu said:

    Lia Pentilescu

    Our group did so well the second time!
    I think our timing was good and no one spoke in it which that was a relief.
    An improvement for our group would be to work on our teamwork, there was loads of shouting at each other and arguing.
    Overall ,Thought it was great!!!

  23. Our group done really good the second time but we didnt do the singing.
    We all took part and disgust without arguments so it went pretty well. Bronwyn was ment to sing but toby and louis didnt want her to, louis wanted to sing.

  24. I think our group (4) has made a real improvement however our timing went a bit down hill. Overall i think we all worked our best and im happy with our final performance. I can’t wait till we show the class next week!

  25. I enjoyed this project and I think that all groups are individual and successful in their own way. I also thinks that my group did really well considering there wasn’t really enough things 4 all of us 2 play.

  26. Our group has DEFINATELY improved on our piece is really good however improvements are always inquired. As I only started to play the keyboard the session before we did it live, I admit I need to improve on the piano. Thanks for the feedback, I will use it to improve as well as my group next time.

  27. wow we all sounded incredible and i agree with you mrs gower we do need to get in time and i’ll carry on working on it. group one sounded awesome

  28. i think we all sounded really good but at parts we were out of time. i think we should improve on dynamics too

  29. i think our group(4) has made a big improvement however are timming went a bit down hill. overall i think we all tried our best and were happy with what we were playing. i am happy with our performance and can’t wait to show it next week.

  30. ours wasnt that good and it was really slow also one person was being silly the whole time and didnt listen once to a word we said so he eneded up playing randomly but he did get a lot better.

  31. I thinks that our group is doing quite well as the performance was a big improvement! with the percussion instrument it kept the beat with the drums and helped us alot with timing! I think the group 2 should try and get the tune in a bit more and to keep beat! Other than that it was great!
    Group 3 sounded amazing! I think they keep a steady beat and you can really hear the sound and feel of the music.
    or the first group, I agree with Mrs Gower that at the start sounds a bit shaky but rest of it sounds amazing!
    Our group need to work on team work a bit more as the Maddy doesn’t have an instrument to play!!
    I love this topic so much and enjoyed the group work and helping other people!! 🙂 😛

  32. All of them are so good, we should keep the good work up.

  33. group 3 had amzing drums however i’m not sure if it fitted with the song.

  34. Who’s group was back porta cabin finl? They were really good, especially drums and guitar together then with other instruments pulling it to get her and mellowing the piece. Really god work ek

  35. hi I’m in year 8 think your pieces are all really good and orignal to improve I think you should work on your timing the rest is great keep it up!

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