EK House Music Competition

Welcome to EK’s House Music Competition page. Check here for our progress as we compose our entry for House Music 2013!

We composed 2 grooves, vote for your favourite and leave a comment at the bottom!

Groove 1

Groove 2

Our first ideas for our composition (Jan 7th 2013)

Idea 1

Idea 1 with guitar and drums

Maybe this could be the verse of the song?

More ideas from 14th Jan

Recorded on Feb 4th, our verse, chorus and rap

In the lesson on Feb 11th, we worked on the chorus. We recorded 3 different versions

our FINAL FINAL piece

76 thoughts on “EK House Music Competition”

  1. steve wong said:

    wow 1 sounds quite good

  2. Maddie ! xx said:

    Nice rapping Toby! 🙂
    Groove 2 sounded neater at the begginging but if you listen for around a minute to groove 1 its tune is better, in my opinion, 🙂

  3. i like number 1 best because of the structure and the lightness of it x keep it up guys!

  4. It sounds awesome! Just the ‘background’ singers sound slightly out of tune.(me and Lia)

  5. I think all the pieces that we have ‘invented’ sound really good, the only problem is how are we going to fit good and sad pieces together? I’m sure we can manage it though.

  6. wow grove 1 is briilant p.s in the groups idea 3 sounds the best

  7. I think grove 1 is the best because someones singing and theres then a repeat of what she sang but also grove 4 needs to keep the beat.

  8. I think we did ok but we need to put some more things in and not keep repeating and stay together

  9. I like my group 1 because we had a good rythm but the bad side was that the background singers were just a bit out of tune, so we need to work on the tone of voice then i think it will sound much better!

  10. wow 1 is brilliant

  11. i think we did ok but we need to have someone singing so it sounds a bit better

    • Lia Pentliescu said:

      I think we did try our best on the verses well it sounded good just the background needs improving.But it sounded really good so were the other verses.


  12. Our group could do with some lyrics but apart from that we are doing great

  13. yeah im happy with what we have produced but i think we should work with keeping tuning up…

  14. and the timing is a bit off in some but i think all of them are really good 🙂

  15. Groove 3 is a great piece because all the grooves fit together in it 🙂 😀

  16. Georgia :) said:

    I think all of them are really good! Tune 1 sounds really good! I like the lyrics with it! (is it ment to be in american though?) Tune 4 is quite out of time and needs some more work. The person playing the grand piano sounds like they are randomly playing. And it needs more to it. tune 3 is very good with all the string instrument! Our one needs some lyrics to make it more exciting so…
    we need to work on that guys!!! GREAT WORK EVERY BODY! 🙂 🙂

  17. i think tune 1 with drums and guitar sounds amazing!!! good timing and great lyrics 😀

  18. There all brilliant but how will they sound together

  19. WOW! All of the music peices shound really good i think we have a chance of winning the music competition once our ideas are all put together. Group 1 is amazing i love that the lyrics have been added for effect. Group 6 is also really good but the drums dont fit the music that well. I think our group sounds ok however we should add some lyrics to jazz it up. 🙂

    Keep the work up guy!! 🙂

  20. damianhughes said:

    thay all are rilly good

  21. Maddie! xx said:

    Wowza! Loved all the tunes! Group 1’s were brill and my group were alright. Added lyrics will really TOP THEM ALL OFF!
    Well don everyone! (Especially my group coz we rule!) x

  22. I think we sounded pretty AWESOME! Although I couldn’t really hear most of the people singing, maybe a few less base guitars? Or if we still have could we turn them down a bit.
    I know I’m not really allowed to comment on the sounds but when I was singing I couldn’t really hear if I was in time that much or what the other were singing.
    Maybe for the beginning only the singers and the piano start off and THEN everything else begins, like in the passenger song.
    But I still think we sounded pretty AWESOME! 🙂

  23. I think everyone sounds amazing but i dont know what im going to do in my group.
    on some of them it was really hard to hear the singers but keep it up wow.

  24. i think the rap sondid rilly good. 🙂

  25. I think groove 1 was good, the guitars and the beat went well, they all fit well 😀 🙂

  26. Lia Pentilescu said:

    I think the verse sounds really good, if we put all of those pieces together it would sound great!Awesome rapping!

  27. omg i cant get the music up it wont work and please dont leave a comment telling me how to do it guys its hasnt been workin 4 a while

  28. I think the rap should at the end but the verse i kept hearing charlie. but they were all still great

  29. I think the chourus needs a bit of work on and in the verse i kept hearing Charlie’s voice but the rapping sounded great and overall we sound amazing! Once we put it all together it will be AWSOME! Keep it up guys 🙂

  30. Georgia :) said:

    Its going really well! I think in the verses, the guitary bit needs to come in when the singers aren’t singing. Maybe in a instrumental!? 😕 Other than that, it sounds great!! 🙂

  31. xxrockmaddzxx said:

    I think everyone in the chrous should meet up, 12;30, in the music room to practise. I just think we need to tidy things up. We sound quite low and glooommmyyy….. it’s meant to be happy! Plus SOMEONE decided to talk into the recording (Lol) but yeah. If it’s ok with you miss, i think it would really help. Last week was house music so we didn’t come but i just think the verse is so good, so we might need some more practise!
    M x

  32. can’t hear the singers!

  33. 1 sounds awesome good on pianos and great singing Cara!!

  34. it’s really good, i think the chorus needs some work done the verse is really good but you can’t here cara over the guiter other than that it’s great 😉

  35. some were a bit out of tune, to early or too late, but over all they were all good

  36. the chorus needs a bit of work but the raps good

  37. I like the use of different instrument and the beet.

  38. Christine said:

    i think yours is really good and i like the singing =)

  39. We sound really good, even though the recording didn’t go very well!
    Oh well, all the instruments together sound really good. I really liked the ending! 🙂

  40. I really think everyone has put everything they have got into this piece of music and it defiantly shows. WOW!!!!!! you have good rhythm and tone and the singers have a dramatic effect on the piece which I believe tops it all off. WELL DONE GUYS KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  41. Charlotte said:

    I really like the singing and the african drums, it all sounds really good and in time. WELL DONE!!!! 🙂

  42. That was very good I liked the drums x

  43. Anna Hemsley said:

    The singers are really good and the hole piece is realy in time, love the beat boxing and the section after that.

  44. BanksyJK said:

    Good drumming in this piece

  45. (E Year) Kuba said:

    I liked all of it

  46. ryan dyas said:

    i absolutely loved this excellent piece of music it had a very melodic tune to it keep up the good work

  47. ryan dyas said:

    🙂 😉

  48. eharteth said:

    I like it it cool and I like the beat because it goes well with the rest of the song

    I’ve just done this wrong haven’t I?

  49. Jessica said:

    That’s good guys 🙂

  50. Somehow it sounds better than it did yesterday!? Still happy about our song!

  51. Alanah biggs said:

    yes i like it its pretty cool

  52. i really liked the beat made by the drums. i like the way you put the beatboxing in the middle it makes it sound cool!! i love the singing so whoever it was well done. but well done to EK!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  53. that music sounds really really good! like shania, i also like the beat and beatboxing and well done to the singer! i wish ours was as good as yours! WELL DONE, CONGRATULATIONS BE PROUD OF YOUR SELF!!!!!

  54. RELENTLESS2110 said:

    I like the rap and the music is put together really well

  55. i think its good and i like the tune

  56. Nicholas said:

    the beatboxing on groove 2 is way better.

  57. Isaac Sousa said:

    groove 2 was realy good with the rap starting the beat and everything just starting to build up!

  58. Well done guys!! We did well!! Good timing and volume!!

  59. JessieJack said:

    Well done guys, its amazing. you can hear every lyric and note !! ❤

  60. Well done you did really well groove 2 sounded really good with the rap and the final idea is really good

  61. well done tou done really well. groove 2 sounds good with the rap. The final peice is good aswell

  62. sophie !!!! xx said:

    are piece sounds great!!!!

  63. Frankie murphy in EL said:

    It was very clear and good pace

  64. Abigail said:

    Well done everyone our performance was great! The music competition went really well. CARSON WON!! Woahh! Our timing was really good and it fitted together really well. GO EK!

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