DW Reggae

The outcomes from our Reggae project. Please listen through and read the comments carefully!

4 thoughts on “DW Reggae”

  1. Like the drums in the 4th one, and the piano stays in time well. I liked number 3 because the all the instruments fitted well together and they didn’t use a backing track.

  2. Alex Sadler said:

    I thought that the piano and the drums were well in time together in my group (the 4th) however the second could have been slightly louder. In the 1st group I thought the music flowed very well together and had a good background beat.

  3. I thought in my group (the 1st) the piano kept it’s tune through out the peice and it flowed well.I liked the introduction on the 3rd one because it was different to the others.

  4. I liked my group (group 1) as we stayed in time and we started and finished at the right time. Group 5 were good as they sounded in tune but they could make up some different tunes on the piano.

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