DW House music composition

Our aim: To compose a song for performance at the House Music Composition

Track 1:

A piece in sctions: The texture changes in each section

DW’s feedback (ideas for our verse):
Like the call and response part (voices). need to practice this.
Lyrics fitted nicely with the drum beat.
Nice steady simple drum beat held it all all together.
Not always in time.
Balance problems: couldn’t hear the pianos, drums too loud.
Not sure all the ideas fitted well together.
Start sounded random as not organised.

December 5th 2011

Today we went off into groups to compose some ideas to form part of the song. here they are. Listen and choose your favourite and we can link them together to form the final song! well done evryone, some excellent work today!

Idea 1

Idea 2

Idea 3

Idea 4

Idea 5

Idea 6

In the lesson on 9th Jan we added drums and more keyboards to the verse

Our rap group composed the backing for their section of the piece

Our first full run through! It needs a bit of practice but everyone sounds great!

Our FINAL piece!! ‘Come Together’ composed and performed by DW. Well done everybody a brilliant effort!

Our latest version Feb 20th

Feb 27th: Can you hear the changes as we refine the piece?

Our very last recording of our song!

22 thoughts on “DW House music composition”

  1. Its cool

  2. Idea six is definitly a competion for DL at this rate!!!!!!!!

  3. Well donr for getting through!!!

  4. candice said:

    DW are defanatley are compotition at the moment , but we can been themm

  5. Its amazing !!!

  6. rubyben10 said:

    well done for winning

  7. Frankie murphy in EL said:

    The changes each time were better and better
    Well done DW!!!!

  8. Its great!

  9. lbprules355 said:


  10. lbprules355 said:


  11. this is great! i love it!!!!!!

  12. i really like this! the singing is really good!!

  13. Your piece sounded really good well done for winning!!! ☺

  14. Georgia in EK said:

    Great piece!! i cant believe a whole class did that! it sounds perfesional!!! amazing!!!! well done 🙂 😛

  15. the final performance was really good!
    Well done!!!!!!!

  16. wow i hope we can do as well as that in ours! probably not!

  17. The final one if amazing, well done the singing is soooo good.

  18. the final one was amazing!!! hope we do as well as you the singer was brill.

  19. phoebe barry said:

    that was amazing !!!!!! well done are group wasnt good like that *laugh*

  20. harry smith said:

    the last one was great the sing is really good

  21. It’s really good! I have no idea how we can put a song together from scratch and make it that standard! I really like the rap and the beat

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