DW Blues

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Look at the 2nd video on this link to look at your whole class work

A51 group SNAPSHOT

1. Play without the CD so you can hear whether the bass and piano parts are enough

2. Add improvisation sections for each percussion instrument

A51 group FINAL


Back to School Blues SNAPSHOT

1. Listen to the drums to get in time

2. Create a short introduction so the singers start on C at the start of the 12 bar sequence not half way through

3. Check the chords sound nice

Back to School Blues FINAL

Christmas Blues SNAPSHOT

1. Check the chords are played the correct number of times so it is within the 12 bar blues sequence

2. Work out drum and vocal parts then add these in

Christmas Blues FINAL

Jingle Blues SNAPSHOT

1. This is not 12 bar blues but it is good so add in a middle section to the song that uses the correct chords

2. Use the CD as a backing track and have it playing as you work out the chords

Jingle Blues FINAL

Lobby Group SNAPSHOT

1. Good rhythms, now learn to play C and F chords

2. Move between the chords in time to the backing track

Lobby Group FINAL


37 thoughts on “DW Blues”

  1. Most of the sound tracks have the 12 bar blues. And have a nice swing beat and rhythm. I like that some of the groups have lyrics already.

  2. I thought snapshot 5 was really good. They used the guitars effectively, and represented the 12 bar blues very well. Maybe next they could add another instrument.

  3. i think that blues is a great genre but there are better. i still like learning it though.

  4. Lauren-Marie said:

    Each of them have a nice swing rhythm,two of them include lyrics already.Most of them include the 12 bar blues and all of them are starting to really come together.I think they are going to sound great when finished.

  5. I think that snapshot 3 was good because it kept in time. However I think that you need to add some vocals and a drum beat to the song and not just have the piano because it will get quite boring after a while.

  6. i like snapshot 3 because the rythmes is good and the timing is pefect

  7. Group 1 sounded good enough with the cow bells a good add on, but still sounds a bit random.

  8. I think all the songs have a really nice rhythm and beat to them, some groups might need to get the timing a little better though.

  9. I think group 1’s was really goof but the cow bells didnt work with the rhyth.

  10. I think the whole class is doing really well for only 2 weeks! Everyone needs to add all their instruments such as drums in order to stay in time. Plus, I like group 1’s cowbells as they sound like blues. 😀

  11. I love the piano part in snapshot 3 and the one note on the xylophone at the end of each bar was a really good idea however I think it could sound more like a blues by emphasising the swing rhythm. When they add lyrics and finish it it will sound great!

  12. I think everyone sounds good but can all be improved. I like the lyrics the lyrics in 2 and 4.

  13. i like snapshot five because it is my group, we used guitars well as it is a very difficult instrument to plaay. 😀

  14. I think snapshot 4 had really good rhythmns and was in time for the majority of the piece.

  15. i thought snapshot 3 was really good and i liked the lyrics in snapshot 4

  16. i like snapshot 1 because of the cow bells, snapshot 3 because of the timing and snapshot 4 because the lyrics were good

  17. George Ariss said:

    i thought snapshot one was repetitive and had no clear start and end.
    number four was not a blues genre it was Christmas however i liked the lyrics

  18. i liked snapshot 4 because although it wasn’t a proper blues swing rhythm it was still good and has well thought out lyrics

  19. I really liked snapshot 3 because it had good rythem and snapshot 4 had a good tone

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