DN Reggae

Reggae recordings made on Feb 25th 2013

For prep please listen back to the recordings and leave a short comment on each below. Click HERE to read the level descriptors. What do you think you deserve?

Whole class targets
1. Remember EVERY LESSON COUNTS! if you complete all tasks they will contribute to your final assessment. In this project you all had a go on 5 different instruments so you should have had at least 1 you can play well in the final performance. The performance lesson is not the time to try something new!

2. Staying on task in a group and the choice of who you work with is very important. In music you MUST be able to work independently and this means YOU take responsibility for YOUR learning or risk your performance sounding dreadful.

3. If you want help you MUST ask. With 26 people all playing at the same time it’s hard to know when you are stuck. Have a quiet word or pop back on a Mon, Tues or Wed lunchtime for help

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

23 thoughts on “DN Reggae”

  1. its alright but I think there was only one group playing something on the off beat, and isnt that meant to be the guitar part?

  2. i think group 1 should try not to be told when to come in and if group 4 is playing with the CD they should stop using it.

  3. i thought all were really good however group 4 should try not to use the cd

  4. I think group 1,2 and 4 were great. The singer in group 3 was really good but forgot the words half way though so I think they need to practice more.

  5. I think that Group 3 were the best but the singing wasn’t to great to be honest.

  6. I think all group did well but i think group 1 should try not to be told when to come in and group 3 should be more confident with singing but my group (group 4) should try not to use the cd and we need to be more confident when singing also we should sort out the off beat because we played them wrong and we should maybe think about adding in a guitar because we only have piano drums and singing!!

  7. we didn’t use the cd yet in the background you can here it?

  8. wrong group

  9. Saffron said:

    Group 1 DN: There is a clear steady beat from the drums and a good range of different instruments have been used, good job. *TIP*: Keep practicing the different notes on your instrument and then practice quickly switching between notes to get used to it. This will mean you won’t need to be told when to change and you will known the melody from memory. It was a very good piece of music, well done!

    DN Reggae 2: That’s my group! If anyone can suggest any improvements, please let me and the other members in my group know. Many thanks! All I can think about for self-improvements is that I need to practice playing my guitar chords more to get more confident at it…

    DN Reggae 3:Once again, there is a good steady beat kept by the drums, and I think you have managed to get the bass guitar to play on all the off-beats. I also love the way that group built up the textures with different instruments at the beginning of the song. Well done! *TIP*: Singer, it was a really good effort, but to improve get other members from your group to help you out with certain notes (a few — but only a few– were off key), and once you have done that, you might want to try harmonizing some notes with another singer to get a higher level and get your song sounding even more amazing than it already is! Well done you guys!

    DN Reggae 4: Great job you guys! I like the way you have decided to use the piano’s chords to play the guitar’s part on the off-beats. It makes your piece unique! *TIP*: Practice playing your piece a few more times to build up your confidence before taking out the CD part completely. I really liked your song, well done!

  10. melissa said:

    to grupe 4
    if you only used the cd because of timing (even thow you dident need to it sonded great) insted you could have conted bets (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 etc etc…….)

  11. sad i missed this lesson but i thought piano playing in dn 2 was brilliant

  12. Personally I think group 2 were the best, the others were still very good but need improving and could try without the CD player.

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