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Since Easter, we have been working on our own pieces of music. As the recordings come in they will be posted here so we can listen back.

Key word for our next project “DEVELOP”. How you can take a musical idea and vary it by changing or adapting the melody, texture, chords or rhythm?

A summary of targets

Hamish and Dan-think about how you can develop a melody or rhythm by changing it rather than just repeating it

Josh-try to use more layers in the piece to develop the ideas.

Aaron, Tyler, Will-very disappointing that despite having help that the school has paid for you were unable to produce a good quality recording. What I heard about some of the behaviour in languages yesterday when you were trying to get Will to the lesson has been less than impressive. Target has to be to consider why this is happening and to put it right. If not I won’t allow you to work together again

Sophie, Megan, Megan, Rosie, Gemma-belive that the skills you have on instruments are enough to create your own song and then do it!

Melissa, Kim, Abbie, Chloe-Unlucky today that you couldn’t perform. Target is similar to the last group, take the skills you have and use these to create your own music.

Morgan, Liam, Louis, Ross-this term you have had time to explore your own musical interests. Target-think about your group and how you will be able to use what you have have learned to create your own song. You can use Garage Band or instruments for this but you will need to be able to work as a group.

Megan and Jan-you met your target of cracking the impro so next it’s time to put everything together and think about how you can create a really ambitious piece of music that reflects everything you can so in music

Half term task: please answer these questions sensibly and honestly. Recordings from last lesson are below. Check your spelling, capital letters and punctuation before you press send. You might prefer to write your answers in Word first then copy and paste them over or email me the word document to ag@monkswalk.herts.sch.uk.

25 thoughts on “DN project page”

  1. It’s not to bad i think we need to do it without the backing track and turn the instruments down because we need to hear aarons singing abit more.

  2. aaron wasnt singing normally when we recorded it he was more layed back but i think we should go on to another song since aaron has ideas

  3. I thought it was good but we need to turn down the instruments so we can hear jacob beatboxing and aaron singing

  4. Louisssssssssssssssssss said:

    Sounds good need a singer

  5. ours isnt up there because we didnt record it.

  6. Louis's bro said:

    My brother said take the backing track of from lost generation

  7. Megan (Wainwright!) said:

    Wow…pleasantly supprised with the music submitted-it was really good! The ‘Lost generation’ group: great singing from Aaron (I think…) but I think you need to try it without the backing track. For the other group: I really liked that cover song, the piano playing was excellent (who was that?!) and so were the bass, guitar and drums, but I think you need a singer though so don’t be afraid to go and ask someone if no-one in your group fancies having a go (don’t ask me though because I’m a bit rubbish!). Have a great half-term everybody!

  8. i think they were good overall, the backing track should be taken away in lost generation as i cant really here any of the instruments + in our group we need a singer.

  9. Lost Generation:
    Good song choice guys, you have chosen a song you are able to produce a cover of! In your cover, from what I can hear I notice you have a strong, steady beat all the way through and by incorporating beat-boxing into your song it shows off your strengths and weaknesses, which is good. However, while it is fine to use a backing track – especially in the early stages of piecing all the different sections of the song together – to put it bluntly: the backing track was a little too loud. This drowns out your vocals and instruments, but we could still faintly hear them. Once you adjust the backing track volume and re-record it should sound great! I look forward to hearing the final recording.

    Viva La Vida:
    WHOOP COLDPLAY!! Again, a good song choice; a song that you can create a cover of. You have a great variety of instruments and they build-up at the beginning which creates an effective layered texture. Good job. My only question is that are you going to add lyrics? Or will you just keep it purely as an instrumental cover? Either way I’m sure the final recording will sound great, but it would be worth trying to add in some lyrics just to see how it sounds. If you haven’t enough people then someone can try multi-tasking. This can take a while to get used too (I had to get used to it), but is a great skill in music to have.

  10. Gemma Smale said:

    Both of the pieces seem to be going really well so far and have done quite a lot of it too. Great choice of songs for both however I do agree with Megan W that the backing track is slightly too loud.

  11. sorry I am so late.
    all the songs sound great (except my drum playing I sound like a chimp! I should really work on that) I epically liked Viva La Vida it is a nice song and it was performed beautifully plus I just realised that our song has an extra 30 seconds after we finished. ops!

  12. All the sounded really good but they could have sung louder

  13. Megan (Wainwright!) said:

    Me again! Just wanted to comment on our groups song now that its uploaded (Thanks Mrs G!). I thought my piano playing was…ok…not great though 😦 Saffron, I thought the singing was good-louder maybe next time. I think overall, especially in the drum section, we need to work on our timing-Melissa, you do not sound like a chimp, don’t be so hard on yourself! Oh yeah, sorry for my…outburst and the end, we’d recorded several times before that and the recording uploaded was the only one in which we managed to actually finish the song! So you can understand why I was quite annoyed when Mrs G’s phone asked me for a password and I thought that it hadn’t been recording at all, sorry about that………..

  14. I think all of them are good. I think lost generation could have tried without the backing track and then maybe they would of had more freedom. Also I think the MSM could have improved the timing and stopped recording. but over all they were all good.

  15. Viva la vida was very good song choice for that group and it was done very well.

  16. In MSM it was all good until the drums came in. It was out of time which messed up all of the fantastic piano and singing and because it was so loud it drowned everything out. To improve you should turn the volume of the drum down and spend a bit more time figuring out what your doing and getting it in time. Overall the song was good.

  17. I think viva la Vida had a good piano part and the only way you could have improved it would be to have made it longer apart from that it was grate!

  18. Gemma Smale said:

    Sounds really great and I can tell that the groups have made a lot of progress however I think that timing n some parts need to be improved and songs need to be made longer but other than that I think they are going well

  19. Lost generation should take the backing track away from their piece of music because it doesn’t show there real talents

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