DN House Music Competition

Our aim: To compose a song for performance at the House Music Composition

Track 1:

A piece in sections: The texture changes in each section

DN Feedback:
Boring introduction: just one thing happening
Good building up everything and good take out instruments as well
Sounded muddled up: pianos playing different rhtyhms, pianos some played high some low,
Some timing issues but on whole very good timing
Boy and girl drum pattern very good
Layers of texture on drums good
some people new instruments
Some people taling in the middle which spoiled the piece

December 6th 2011
Today we went off into groups to compose some ideas to form part of the song. here they are. Listen and choose your favourite and we can link them together to form the final song! well done everyone, some excellent work today!

In the lesson today (10th Jan) we worked on the introduction, verse and chorus

Introduction (needs to be played in time)

Verse 1


Here is our final version we recorded in the lesson on 24th Jan. It’s sounding great, we just need a bit more practice

*FINAL* competition entry The Lyric Maker by DN

“We rocked that Miss…” Feb 28th 2011

10 thoughts on “DN House Music Competition”

  1. i think we need abit of practis and thani think we could win it

  2. just listened to it. think we need a bit more practice and slot more confidence x

  3. i think we did really well but we could have defenatly used more practise!!! great singing candice!!:)

  4. candice said:

    The bottem one that we did is our best EVER ! cant wait to perofrm on stage ! lets just remember sophie kroto the durrel 😀

  5. candice said:

    cant wait to preform tommorow ! im soo scard !

  6. really good song i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

  7. Great song! the singers are really good and the instruments really fit in,in the right places 🙂

  8. Megan (Wainwright!) said:

    Been reliving the DN archives, we were actually quite good! The funniest/weirdest/most surprising thing about listening to our previous recordings though was how young Aaron’s voice sounded introducing our song! Times have changed…..

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