DN Blues

Please find your Blues learning log below! Hopefully you can hear the progress your group made from the snapshots to the final performances and have read the comments and feedback on your work from Mrs G and other students as the bottom of the page. Please now answer the poll to let me know how you feel you got on with the task so I can plan the next one to suit everybody! From now on please check any comments you make for spellings and capital letters before you click ‘send’. Please note that you will receive a personal level in your next lesson to be put into your booklets.

To hear the whole class Blues performance we did back in September click HERE

Cupboard Blues: SNAPSHOT


1. Don’t repeat the first section, do that once then move on to a new section which has a melody that Melissa and Megan both play together over the chords
2. Keep the improvisations the same length so both instruments play the whole 12 bars each
3. Think about how Saffron can accompany the solos, tap a swing rhythm, play chords one per bar?

Wasting Time Blues: SNAPSHOT

1. Listen to this. Think about adding in a section in the middle where you sing or play some improvised solos. Can you add an introduction like this
2. Try singing a line each to create some question and answer textures
3 Add some harmony on the first note of each verse and see if you can create some singing accompaniment like your last verse to go on underneath the words

Sunday Blues: SNAPSHOT

1. Make sure every one really knows their part.
2. Play in time with the drum beat, you are currently playing at different speeds!

Bad Day Blues: SNAPSHOT

1. Read the comments for the wasting time Blues
2. Add your middle sections where Kim and Candice improvise over Chloe’s chords

Red Ribbon Blues
1. Rehearse this TOGETHER
2. Don’t use the drums not working as an excuse not to rehearse everything else
3.Make sure everyone plays a solo part and that it is in time!

Red Ribbon Blues: SNAPSHOT

1. Decide who plays when with an introduction and ending
2. Play without the CD
3. Add lyrics

Unknown Blues
1. Listen to the CD
2. Stop messing about with the amps, turning up the sound and unplugging things is just really annoying for everyone
3. Practice playing in time to the CD
4. Record the piece

Unknown Blues: SNAPSHOT

1. Give the piece an introduction and ending
2. Work out what Liam can play if Morgan is drumming
3. Add fills on the drums and a swing rhythm to the other parts

70 thoughts on “DN Blues”

  1. my favorite is ‘red ribbon blues’ and ‘wasting time blues’

  2. I thought this was an excellent piece well done

  3. I think the songs were alright. although I think on the first one the guitaist good do some more interesting struming patterns, it sounded like they were only doing down strokes. also in the actual 12 bar blues I thought that it is 4 E’s, 2 A’s, 2 E’s, B, A, E, B not with 2 E’s at the end. (that is in E not C)

  4. I personally think the wasting time blues is the best

  5. Wasting time blues’ was the best and the rhythm was rather catchy. I would suggest singing louder or playing quieter next time though as the vocals were close to silent. Other groups – Good Effort!

  6. I like the “wasting time blues” piano part as it is a good rhythm

  7. Wasting time blues is very good-whoever is playing that piano is amazing and the singing fits very well to the piano. You could maybe add a intro. section or some solos.

    Sunday blues-was that a bass guitar I heard? The bass was fab! and the parts fit really well together but Mrs. G is right, work on your timing.

    Bad day-I love those lyrics just try to fit them with Chloe’s great piano chords.

    Red ribbon blues you are rocking that glockanspeil but you need to structure your piece with all the instruments.

    Unknown blues you certainly made that “unknown”! The drumming was good and the guitar wasn’t bad but you need to organise your piece.

    Good effort all round!

  8. “Wasting Time Blues”: Great job! I love the way the lyrics and piano fit in together really well. There is a good steady beat and the piano has some really good swinging rhythm moments to it. However, I agree with Mrs Gower, try to add in some harmonized lyrics to your song. This will get you a higher level, put a positive effect on your piece and make it sound more interesting!

    “Sunday Blues”: Really good effort. Every note was met and the guitar was playing an awesome swinging beat. You are all talented musicians, the music says that. Unfortunately, the music also says how out of beat everyone was. Everyone can play their own part really well — but you guys NEED to stick to the drummer’s beat. Other than that, I believe it was fine.

    “Bad Day”: Fab-a-roo! I really liked it. You have managed to keep in time with one another and have managed to keep a steady beat. Also, you have created your own blues lyrics following the blues lyric structure (AAB). Again, like “Wasting Time Blues”, try to harmonize some of your lyrics. This will get you a higher level, add in positive effects to your piece and make your song more interesting.

    “Red Ribbon Blues”: Excellent. Good rhythms and everyone keeps in time well. There is also a different blend and variety of instruments and I like that. In fact, because of this variety, I think if you build up the textures at the beginning, and build them down at the end, it will be really effective and will improve your already amazing piece even more!

    “Unknown Blues”: Great job! The drummer has a good steady beat all the way through which supports everyone else. Also, the guitarist meets every note throughout the song. To improve, make the bass guitar louder (or play closer to the recording microphone). Another addition could be lyrics. The piece is confident and I believe you would be able to include some lyrics. Thinking of lyrics and maybe even singing some would give Liam something to do!

  9. Wasting Time Blues was outstanding, It was my favourite one out of the selection. I liked it because of the piano player who managed a good rhythm and a steady beat. The singers performed well with the lyrics and were in harmony with the piano, which was essential for the all round good performance.

  10. i think ours went okay but we could of done better but they where all good

  11. i think all the songs were really good and and ft in well with the music. my favourite one was porbably bad day.

  12. i think that overall all the groups did pretty well. cupboard blues where my overall favourite as they played effectively well together and where always in time. Our group were ok but we could have put together a better piece if we used the time that we had to practice well and not touch eachothers amp EEERRR EEERRRRMMMM ‘Ross’

  13. “wasting time” The beat and singing is really catchy and exiting.The piano plays a big part in the performance and it was flawless. I that there should be another instrument involved.Also with the singing try to add some hamonised bits.

    “bad day”You have keeped in time with one another and have keeped a strong beat. Furthermore you have made your own blues lyrics following the blues lyric structure.But the lyrics felt old after a while and needed a new ryhm.

    “Sunday Blues”: Really good. Every note was done and the guitar was playing an swinging beat.I agree with safron, everyone plays their part well , however try to stay to the drummer’s beat.

    “Red Ribbon Blues”: Fabulous. Great rhythms and everyone keeped in time well.

  14. “Wasting Time Blues”: This was fantastic. I really liked the way the piano and the song lyrics fit in together perfectly. There is a good steady beat and the piano. But, I also agree with Mrs Gower, maybe put in some harmonies, because it will get you such a higher level and to be honest sound so much more proffecional and interesting. The singers where perfectly in time to the brilliant piano player, over all well done and this was my favourite blues song!

    “Red Ribbon Blues”: Everyone keeps in time well with eachover. There was certainly a variaty of instrument there and there was a very good rhythem going on! But i feel you need to structure the song more wisely!

    “Sunday Blues”: This was another one of my favourites! The guitar was playing an great beat which might even be a swinging beat!. Unfortunately, you guys was quite out of time and beat with eachover, some instruments with in beat with the drums but some not, you need to keep in beat witht he drums and pay attention to the drums as this is the instrument that will keep you in time with eachover, i found if we took each instrument and listened to that you are all really good but together, well you could work on it a bit!

    “Unknown Blues”: I think the song was very good but you could add in some lyrics in my opinion, this would give you a higher grade aswell! The drumming was absoloutely AMAZING and had a fantastic beat through the whole song as well the guitar person was also very good and you kept in time although this could be better if it was louder, i think if the guitar was louder that would make it way more effective! Overall tho i thoght you guys out quite some effort into this and was very good!

    “Cupboard Blues”: I really loved this song! the variaty of instrument was great! i loved the solo’s you did and was all in time with eachover and had a great beat which was hard to do as you didnt actually have a drummer! The trumpet (i think) was great and was very effective in this song! The whole song in general was amazing but you could improve with some lyrics these would fit in well with your beat and music!

    overall they where all good !

  15. I thought it was really good but i thought me and candice could have improvised while chloe played the panio but over all i thought it was really good and my best piece this year

  16. Folks, when you leave a comment please check carefully before posting for spellings, typos and capital letters!

  17. I loved wasting time blues as it was in time and had a good beat. It also had the best tune and lyrics.

  18. i think this was a really good peice gemma,rosie,sophie and megan. I liked the lyrics and i liked the part when Gemma and Megan echoed Sophie and Rosie. You could improve it by using more instruments instead of just a piano. Also Megan Rosie and Gemma could project their voices a bit more but over all i think it was really good.

  19. The ‘cupboard blues’ have made a lot of progress in their final performance, from their snapshot. They have added in more interesting rythms and different pitches, swing beats and improvisation. Also, their group made the section at the beginning shorter, so that it didn’t get boring.

  20. Lauren-Marie said:

    The ‘bad blues’ i don’t think they have made progress as such,I think they just change it .They changed their intro but I thought it was better before,but this might of been because of the drums not working.I also prefered the ending of their snapshot to their final preformance.However I think the vocals improved from the snapshot to the final preformance.So overall I think it sounded great.

  21. Alex Sadler said:

    In the ‘unknown blues’ they have improved it by adding more layers to the piece and lengthening it. I like the way they have added the keyboard in as well (as a bass line tune). It also flows a lot better than the first one.

  22. i think that wasting time blues was the best out of all of them because it is original and well through out, the lyrics were good and the singers were great (sophie hall)
    well done…

  23. Sophie, Rosie, Gemma and Megan did was really good i liked the lyrics.They could have improved it by adding more instruments like drums or a tabourine instead of having a pianio. but other than that it was really good.

  24. I really liked gemma, sophie, rosie and Megan’s piece. the things i liked best about the song was that it was catchy and it had a good beat. i also liked the lyrics and the singers, they were amazing! to improve it next time, maybe use more than one instrument as there was only a piano well done though

  25. I think ares was good but could have been better if we had stoped messing around and played without the backing track

  26. i really liked the wasting time song by rosie, sophie, megan and gemma because they had good lyrics and harmonies and it was very catchy, maybe you coud add another instrumens and have some solos?

  27. My favourite was wasting time because it had good beats to it and the song was in time with the instruments also it had good rhythm and the song was catchy.

  28. Wasting time blues snapshot was good, the lyrics went well with the piano and it all sounded great!

  29. The ‘Wasting Time Blues’ was good, and the piano was really well done. The lyrics also sounded great, and fitted well to the tune. The piano was very well played, and everything was in time

  30. The “wasting time blues” was really good and they made a lot of improvement since there snapshot and they have used improvisation to improve it.

  31. The ‘Wasting Time Blues’ was excellent. They were all in time and have made a lot of improvments.

  32. I think the group that made cupboard blues had definitely thought about what they wanted to do. Their swing rhythms were good, they were all in time and the improvised solo gave the piece structure. The biggest improvement I noticed was The ending but that could have been because they hadn’t finished it in the snapshot. It had a big loud finish which suits the blues style and you could tell the piece was finished.

  33. I think wasting time blues was very good. they had good lyrics and the piano chords were very good. They all kept in time as well.

  34. George Ariss said:

    The cuboard blues was good as it had a good range of sound high and low they had the flute and the trombone. over all i thought it was good it could of done with some lyrics.

  35. i liked it because they stayed in time,In the ‘unknown blues’ they have done a good job of improved it by adding more layers to the piece and lengthening it.
    overall i think it was good. 🙂

  36. I liked ‘wasting time’ blues as they kept in time but they could have added in another instrument such as a cow bell so it doesn’t keep repeating. I thought they all did great!

  37. Unknown Blues Final:

    Tick: There was a good steady beat kept.

    Tick: The chords follow the blues structure AAB very well. Also, they have made their own sections!

    Wish: To maybe add some swing rhythms to the piece to give it that Blues feeling!

  38. my favourite was bad day because it had a good fit to the music and they were all in tune and in time. well done:)

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