DA House Music Competition

We created a piece in 3 different sections. Can you hear the sections change? There is ABACA structure.

Feedback from the class:
The B section was layered nicely and the piece got louder and the texture built up
Half way through it got a bit boring, we could have added interest by funking it up!
It was quite long and lost interest at the end.
The ending was messy
Couldn’t hear every instrument aty all times
Needed a variety of instruments
Very repetitive

On Dec 14th we made up some ideas for our song, working in groups. Here they are!

Verses composed in the lesson on Jan 4th

Composed in the lesson on Jan 11th




Our first full run through! we need to make the changes between the sections smoother

In our lesson on 25th Jan, we did a final run through. We reduced the length from 5 mins to 3.30 and tigtened up the timing

Gotta Move on: Composed and performed by DA

Our best performance ever (with a little help from Mr Dunning!)

14 thoughts on “DA House Music Competition”

  1. i love your song, its really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. really good, i love the song!

  3. were awsome as a team

  4. Brilliant song!! A lovely melody and beat.

  5. liked your song

  6. gr8

  7. cool

    hey lorens in that forn yey

  8. I love the way everything slots together to form the whole piece. The singers clearly are very confident in what there doing and the drummers have a powerful effect on the song. Listening to the final pieces of the song I can see everyone in the group has worked incredibly hard in making it perfect. I hope I am as good as you as you make me feel like my pulse has increased and my heart is beating like never before. WELL DONE!!!!!!

  9. HI!! That was epic! Great singers, great song, great everything! Hope I will be just as good. Loved ideas 1&3! 3 became ‘the one’ though so well done. What place did you come? Probely 1st? Whatever place you came, you did really well, and should be very proud. Want to download those tracks now!

  10. all the songsare fantastic. I like the use of piano in some of the songsand the sing.

  11. There all fantastic i like listening to all the instuments played !

  12. From the start it was good and the progress you made was amzing. I really like it !

  13. I love my form especially my form tutor

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