CL Project Page Autumn Term

Here are the tracks recorded do far without my comments and levels yet! Please leave your comments and then the site will be updated. You can hear the computer compositions by clicking on the CL computer composition page tab.

Stereo Hearts Take 1

Suggested improvement: work on getting the rap in time

Stereo Hearts take 2

Hall group!

22 thoughts on “CL Project Page Autumn Term”

  1. I listened to group 1 and they were very good because they used their timing very well and they used a variety of instruments and it sounded really good!!! xxx

  2. group 3 (mash up)- good stuff – the singing could be louder in the third song but it was very good. I thought that they stayed in time well and the piano fit very well with all the songs.

  3. lol group 2 (my group) did quite badly due to my bad timing on bass guitar sam was great on drums and mitch and ryan did really well on piano hopfuly test2 will go better

  4. Nathan :P said:

    I listened to Stereo Hearts. Brilliant i loved Lukes rappin and singing and a good drum beat by hemang

  5. I had listened to our song. The song went fairly well, however, the rapping part was too broken up, and Luke’s singing could have been a bit louder.(Sorry Luke!!xD). Also, our timing jjust needs to be improved a little bit. My rythms will need to change for the different sections of the song.

  6. I listened to mash up. I thought that it was really good and that they all came in on time and it all fitted nicely together and didn’t sound rough. The only improvement I can make is that the singers need to be a bit louder because you couldnt really hear them over the sound of the instruments.

  7. Group 3- It was really good but the singing needs to be louder because the piano is louder than the singers() so you cannot hear the singer(s) clearly, this let the piece down a bit.

  8. Thank you Maia, I listened to ‘ben no backing track’, I thought theres was amazing, the piano was really good and I think I heard a ukelele and drums which fitted nicely. The only thing that could have been improved was that it could have gone on for a bit longer so, that it went into the bit where the man starts to sing and then they could have played along with him singing in the background.

    • group 3 xxx was super good they used diferent songs and it was very very affective xxx megans piano was anazing xxxx and niamhs singing was great it was all in time xxxxx howevr maybe the sing could of been louderxxx use a microphone xxxxx well done xxx

    • I agree, they need to record it again next week so they are more confident with the performance

  9. I listen to group 2 and there was a good beat with the drums and the keyboards is in time but the bass guitar was not in time but when we do it again we will do it better.

  10. Charlotte S said:

    I listened to both our songs. I think the one without backing track went better even thought we weren’t all in time is sounded okay. We could have added some singing in.

  11. i listend to group 2 (my group) and i think we done quite good but the bass guitar wasent in time with the drums and keyboard

  12. The groups I istened to were very good, but needed improvement on consistency and timing. This will be achieved next lesson.

  13. Nikita bhasin said:

    I found them all really good I loved the rhythm and it was steady beat. But group 2’s timing was not so good

  14. All very good, but group 2’s timing could be improved on the Bass guitar and drums

  15. i liked our group because you can hear every instrument in the back ground. if i could do it again, we would say to Luke to sing LOUDER! and to keep in time

  16. I think group one did really well staying in time however with the singing i think that he could of projected his voice more to make the lyrics clearer. I also noticed that throughout the performance it started to speed up, but everything seemed to speed up together so there was not timing issues.

  17. Chloe Baker said:

    I listened to group two and i think that they did well staying in time and i loved the piano piece. To improve i think luke could have sung the lyrics a little louder but other than that it was great !!!

  18. Charlotte S said:

    Miss I can’t find our drumming piece

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