CL Computer Compositions!

Please leave a helpful comment to James and Nathan about how you think they could improve their pieces. Harry I need to look at yours again as it wouldn’t upload, we can sort that out next lesson!







23 thoughts on “CL Computer Compositions!”

  1. I prefer the second song more than the first because of the way it changes from one song to another and I just prefer the music more.

  2. Harry Reed said:

    I like James’ piece of Music because the start was good and how the next part is completely different but it links back to the start and sounds great. I also liked Nathan’s piece of music as it sounds like the start of a rap. It is very catchy. The ending sounds like an advert from the pictures which sounds good.

  3. Hemang Ramlaul said:

    I have listened to Nathan’s piece and it had a good rhythm. The last part was quite catchy aswell. However, he needs to link the different section together, so it sounds like one whole piece.

  4. I like the two pieces of music, the first one has a good beat throughout the song and is very catchy. It had lots of different tunes and sounds in the middle which made it more interesting. Nathan’s music sounds really good and professional. It is really layered and structured with different instruments.

  5. I listened to Nathan’s piece and the beat is nice but near the end it changes to something that doesn’t link with the first bit, also the middle bit is a bit crammed so try to use less there.

  6. I like the first song the best, I think it has a great beat and I also liked how the beginning part links to the ending. I also liked Nathan’s song because it’s interesting and changes throughout but I didn’t like the ending very much because I don’t feel it linked with the first part of the song.

  7. I like both of them, but, I think I prefer the first one best, I think it has better rhythm and is more interesting. In the second one the change in tempo would be more effective if it was smoother

  8. I liked them both because they have a good rhythm and the beat was good. Also the changing of Nathans songs was good and James kept the same beat going throughout most of the piece until the end when it started to change a little bit.

  9. I thought they were both very good and i like the different sounds and rhtyhms

  10. I really enjoyed these peices. good job, i thought they had very nice rythms!

  11. Charlotte S said:

    I like the second one because it blends into one compared to the first one.

  12. I thought that the 1st song was sipler but more consistent than the second song. I prefered the 2nd song because it had differet layers to it but i think there needs to be a transition between the 1st, middle and end that fits i to make it sound like 1 song.

  13. nathans was very good and had a great rythm:d

  14. Jak I like it but I think that you need to add some kind of rhythm when changing to a different tune

  15. I listened to Jak’s piece and thought it was good but he needs to pick 1 or 2 styles that link not 5 or 6 different styles that don’t link.

  16. Harry Reed :) said:

    I listened to Jaks piece which was good but I thinks if he justs puts it in time and only have one genre and this will make it better.

  17. I listened to nathan’s and i thourght it was very good with a good beat. I liked the start because it sounded like a the start of a rap.

  18. I listened to Harrys and I thought it was really good because it has a good beat and the end made me jump but it was amazing

  19. I really liked Jak’s song but the first part and the middle part were the best as they actually linked, but some of the parts sounded like other songs that had all been mashed up together, it was interesting but I think too much was going on at once. If he were to make another piece he should really just stick to the first part and keep it the same style throughout and make it shorter which would be more interesting and it would link together to make a really good song!

  20. Hemang Ramlaul said:

    I listened to Ryan’s piece of music. It is very catchy all the way through and the timing is good. But, at the start-middle part, there were gaps, and so those could be filled in to make that section more lively.

  21. Megan Bonfield said:

    I likes the first computer composition as it had a strong and catchy beat all the way through. It had many different tunes on top of the beat which gave the piece structure. I liked how it varied tunes on top of the drum beat, it made it interesting to listen to.

  22. Ryan Carr said:

    I listen to sam piece of music. It had a steady beat through the hole way.I enjoyed it because he add different music and not keep the same one.

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