CL Blues Pieces November 2011

Great recordings well done everyone!

Low level 4 work: Riff based on the blues scale, some parts are in time

Low Level 4 work: Introduction, strong pulse rhythm on drums although the chords aren’t in time. Attempts at improvising/composing at the end

Level 4 work: Fast tempo, mostly in time, but with slip from C-G chords. Use of blues scale.

Mixture of level 4 and 5 work here: Mostly in time, strong swing beat on drums, accurate chords, some tuned percussion parts aren’t accurate all the time. Good attempt at using blues scale to improvise.

Level 5 work: Smooth move between chords on uke and piano, strong sense of beat and use of swing rhythm

Level 4 work: Due to absence the group found it hard to play in time

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