BS Assessment page

The pieces listed here are those that have achieved the highest level for each group this year. If you have been working on a piece on the computers, please make sure this is finished by the end of term, Mrs G will give you individual feedback about how to get the best level possible for these as you work on them using THIS criteria.

We haven’t always had finished pieces to mark as each group has worked through the tasks at their own pace and chose the routes they have taken. However all evidence from the contribution to the group making progress, to individual performances has been taken into account when completing assessments and you will have had the opportunity to reflect on your progress at three points during the year. Please ask if you have any questions, personal feedback is on the sheets in your folders so keep these with you as you listen back.

Click HERE to view the level descriptors used to assess this work

This is high level 6 composition, although individual performances may be levelled higher or lower (check your sheet for details). The piece has a secure sense of style, it has a verse and chorus structure with different melodies used in each. TICK: A catchy song that has ‘singable’ melodies and sense of direction and shape, WISH: Add counter melodies (harmonies) to the vocal line to add an extra dimension to the piece.

Click HERE to view the level descriptors used to assess this work

This is also a high level 6 piece, but again check your sheet for your individual level. The melody changes and develops by addition of extra notes to decorate the melody, the drum pattern changes to define each section. TICK: The music develops and changes throughout the piece, WISH: Add a new section using different chords to lengthen the piece and to create contrast.

Click HERE to view the level descriptors used to assess this piece

2 6a performances here. The piece is performed musically with a sense of style, the meaning is expressed through the performances. TICK: Expressive use of dynamics and phrasing to express the music, the ensemble is excellent, you both respond musically to each other as the piece progresses, WISH: Can you do this with a song in a different style? Choose another or compose your own to progress to level 7.

Click to view SEll by Date by Playlist: Sell by Date

Another level 6 piece, although members of this group achieved a level 7 for use of technology to edit the final track, for refining the lyrics and for improving the piece given feedback. TICK: A stylistic composition with a clear verse and chorus structure, WISH: it’s too long, cut a section and include a middle 8/bridge section using new chords. Click HERE to view the level descriptors used to assess this piece.

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