BM Compositions June 2012

We have made it to the end of year 9 and our last project was to compose a piece of music in our bands. There have been a lot of changes within the groups this year, some lost their way, others have really improved. Here are the levels and some feedback from each piece. Levels have been suggested for the piece as a whole but as usual each person will have received their own individual levels based on Mrs G’s observations of you throughout the project and how you have responded to verbal feedback about how to progress towards the finished outcome. Then we will spend 2 more lessons taking this feedback and looking to improve the pieces. Let’s see how much better we can make these before the summer holidays to make sure we finish year 9 showing what we can really do!

Level 6 work: A complex drum rhythm starts the piece with the uke joining in. When the piano starts all 3 parts settle into a steady rhythm with drum fills. There is a piano solo and the piece finishes with all parts playing together. Tick: Good timing and ensemble skills Tick: Use of a more complex rhythm which fitted together successfully, Tick: drum fills shape the piece nicely, Wish: Work on the ending to make sure it sounds finished, wish: Extend the piece by adding another new section

Level 5 work: Steady chord pattern that develops and is played with new rhythms as the piece develops. Drums shape the structure of the piece by using fills at the end of phrases. Tick: Good choice of chord structure, Tick: Good ensemble played in time, Tick: drums and piano vary the way they play as the structure changes which gives the piece shape and style, Wish: Add a second section perhaps featuring the Uke more with new chords

Level 4 work: Uke chords with piano riffs to link each repeat of the chord sequence. Tick: The chords have been shared between players to keep the piece fluent and avoid complicated chord changes, Tick: the structure of questions and answer between the ukes and the piano shows a good blend of timbres, wish: this is very under rehearsed and lesson time has not been spent sensibly so the piece is too short and therefore a far lower level than expected from this group.

Level 5 work: A good introduction to the piece leads into a piano and drum section played fluently and in time. The uke picks out the rhythm of the piano chords. Tick: Good ensemble, the group play in time, Tick: use of interesting rhythms gives the piece a sense of style, wish: no clear ending the piece sounds unfinished, wish: this should be much longer with at least one new section to form a verse/chorus structure

Level 6 work: A complete song with lyrics, verse and chorus structure. Uke, piano, guitar and voice all contribute, all played stylistically with effort made to change the style the piano is played in to vary the structure of the piece. Tick: have completed the task by creating a full song, tick: the music is played in time with a good sense of pulse, tick: lyrics are well written and fit with the style of the song, wish: vary the melody line to make the music move down as well as up: this creates a balance, wish: sort out the ending so the piece sounds finished, wish: add a solo instrumental section to feature one or more of your instruments

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