A49 Monday Group






12 thoughts on “A49 Monday Group”

  1. Miss Harris said:

    Nic: you’ve put together some great riffs. Try staying on one riff and copying and pasting it for 8 bars, before moving onto the next. This will make your structure much stronger.
    Harry: A great start! You’ve got some great riffs – try now to layer them on top of each other, so that you have some drum riffs and bass lines happening at the same time as each other – this will build up your texture and help the structure.
    Marcus: you’ve made a great start – try to continue this by copying and pasting your riff a few more times, then add in a bass line.
    George: You’ve got some great riffs. When it gets to 10 seconds it becomes a little unusual! When listening to riffs, see if they sound good together. If they clash, get rid of one and try another out.
    Tommy: I love your ideas – they have a really great structure. Try to ensure you involve a tune at some point, and develop your structure further so it is similar to current songs e.g. Intro, Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Instrumental, Chorus, Outro – or something similar.

  2. everyone’s work was good and sounds amazing i could improve by making it longer and marcus and try to copy and paste ur riff over and over and it will sound much better but good work

  3. Tommytaylor said:

    Miss what’s loops

  4. Tommytaylor said:

    Nic: it’s really good but to short so u could add more but really good

  5. Tommytaylor said:

    Marcus: good but as the same as nics it’s to short

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