Final Movies

Zack’s Fight scene music

Won’t upload, I’m sorry Zack! We will listen to it when I get back

Tori’s music

Harrison if you have all this added to the movie, please play it in the lesson!


Some great ideas, well done everyone. Watch, listen and think about how to make these better!

1. Think about ducking (adjusting the volume of the music if you have dialogue that needs to be heard)

2. You need some more music at the start. Try a different instrument family and vary the timbres (the way the instruments sound)

3. Change the music when the scene changes suddenly so the viewer jumps!

4. From 0.40 the piano music is excellent. How can we hear more? Do you need to add some credits or another scene?

1. Add in some other instruments to vary the sound. Perhaps strings or percussion

2. Vary the dynamics, the volume is the same all the way through, can it build and die away?

3. The last section sounds really random and goes on too long. Why not start with a regular pattern, maybe an ostinato that then gradually breaks down into the random sounds?

1. Look into varying the dynamics by ducking at points where the dialogue needs to be heard.

2. I like the ostinato and the way it builds up but something needs to change from 0.46 when Chloe is by the Porta Cabins. Think about some chords that sound each time the scene changes, or a new idea that starts and builds to the end of the scene.

3. Think about using some sound effects to make the music sound odd and out of place. This is a great way to represent something wrong with a normal everyday place or action.

‘Let me in’ wouldn’t upload so here’s an older version (they will be writing their own music not using this one!)


1. Check the film is finished-is it long enough? How will you end?

2. Remove the music from the film and compose your own. We need to do this on the computers in the classroom.

Also ‘Comedy Quiz Show’ wouldn’t upload so here’s last week’s version!


1. Need some music at the start to set the scene. Is this scary? Funny? How will the viewer know? This will also cover the giggle in the background

The music at 0.36 starts well, but when the melody comes in over the high pedal note, it sounds very random. Can you decide on a pattern then start with this in the next scene and develop it from there?

3. Make sure you use different instrument sounds and a new version of the music when you change scene