In lessons we learn and do a variety of things.

One topic we do is singing where we learn all about the structure, tempo and texture of the piece of music. At the end of the topic (as we do at the end of every topic) we write an essay about everything we have learned and lots of facts/information about the song.

Another thing we do in music is learn how to play different instruments and learn where all the chords are to play them. By the end of the topic we are all confident on where C,D,E,F,G,A and B are on our instruments and can normally play something simple on them.

At the end of the year we do a fun topic and put in all the skills we have learned throughout the year and play and perform a Michael Jackson song called ‘Beat it’. We have not finished this topic yet but I am very sure that I will have a good outcome and show everything we have learned throughout the year.

Music is a very different lesson in our school because it allows us to be very independent which is good for us and it lets us get a better outcome of whatever we are doing, luckily we still have the teacher to ask for help.