I’ve been having a listen through the house music song composition pages from right back at the start where we workshopped some ideas, through the group composition of ideas, the construction of the different sections, a final performance and then refining ideas. The most exciting bit is hearing the pieces falling into time, the drum patterns becoming more complex as people add fills and new rhythms, vocal lines developing and the confidence of the singers. The next step will be unpicking all that learning to ensure that everyone understands how the pieces were created, the contribution that each person made to the whole song and most importantly identify the learning that has taken place. I can’t praise my year 7 enough for a really fantastic experience and in the words of one of them today, after we performed the song with a real zing: “We rocked that Miss”. I couldn’t agree more!

If you want a listen, click on DW, DN or DA above and enjoy the journey!